Minister Rania Al Mashat leads female staff selection for leadership program
Minister Rania Al Mashat leads female staff selection for leadership program || image credits: Ministry of International Cooperation

Egypt: The Minister of International Cooperation, Rania Al Mashat, has led one of the female staff selection committees within the “Women Lead Executives” program at the National Training Academy. 

The program is considered the practical implementation of legislation aimed at increasing the representation of women in leadership positions and boards of directors.


On her part, Rasha Ragheb, the Executive Director of the National Training Academy, has stated that the program contributes to the preparation of female leadership cadres capable of leadership, management and development.

Minister Rania Al Mashat leads female staff selection for leadership program

In addition, the reports stated that Minister Rania Al-Mashat chaired one of the advanced women cadre’s selection committees for the program named “Women Lead Executives” with the participation of Walaa Fouad and Raghda Youssef. 

It was also highlighted that the program is one of the “Women School for Rehabilitation and Leadership” programs implemented by the National Academy for Training.

The updates stated that the program aimed at developing the skills and capabilities of women in executive positions and boosting experiences for women. In the public and private sectors aged 22-50, many ministers, academics and specialists are participating in the committees that conduct qualifying tests for female cadres participating in the programme.

Minister Rania Al Mashat leads female staff selection for leadership program

The Minister of International Cooperation affirmed that Egyptian women are receiving great attention from the Egyptian State, recognizing the importance of their role in all aspects of life to drive development efforts and contribute to shaping the future.

She also pointed to the interest in women in many movements and decisions over the past years at the launch of the National Strategy for Women Empowerment 2030. 


The movement is part of the Egypt 2030 Vision to achieve sustainable development goals concerning women with Goal 5: gender equality and Goal 10: Reducing infertility Equality, where women’s empowerment is integral to the country’s strategy and vision for building a strong and coherent nation.

Furthermore, Rania Mashat praised the role played by the National Academy for Training and various programs to raise the level of human capital and enhance the capacities and skills needed to improve the participation of women in driving development efforts in the country. 

Moreover, the minister also pointed out the importance of the Women’s School for Leadership Rehabilitation and its programs to enhance the capabilities of Egyptian women, as the meetings and interviews exposed many Exceptional female cadres who can assert leadership positions.

The reports confirmed that the women contribute effectively in all aspects of practical life; the diversity of experience they possess and the variety of educational curricula they receive during their training and study period make them able to assert higher leadership positions and contribute strongly in various fields.

He noted that the diversity and multiple experiences of the members of the evaluation committees among academics, politicians, economists, and representatives of international organizations, polishes the affairs of the program’s presenters. 

He directed a message to women participating in the program on the importance of meeting challenges, turning them into opportunities, and polishing their scientific and practical experiences.

It was added that through international cooperation and development finance efforts, the Ministry of International Cooperation is working to intensify its efforts to mobilize funds and increase cooperation with international development partners to design and implement diverse and integrated projects.

The projects are implemented to empower Egyptian women in line with Goal 5 of Sustainable Development Goals: Gender equality, and that all its strategies include 3 Key factors are inclusive for women and youth, alongside digital and green transformation.

And on her side, Rasha Ragheb, CEO National Academy of Training, is happy to share that Rania Al-Mashat, the Minister of International Cooperation, in addition to many important figures in the interview committees of the program “Women Lead: Executives>”, added that the selection is done with high precision.

The “Women Lead Executives” program aims to train Egyptian women in executive locations in various institutions between the ages of 22 and 50 to develop their skills and capabilities, walls and prepare them for organizational leaders in different sectors, which is in line with the vision of the State of Egypt in women development and empowerment and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


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