Love of travel drives an Egyptian to convert his old car to electric

Egypt: A love of travel prompted an Egyptian to convert his old car to electric.

Egypt: A love of travel prompted an Egyptian to convert his old car to electric.

Perhaps the Egyptian teacher Ali Al-Saeed does not drive a car of the latest models such as the Tesla Way, but he insisted on converting his old car from the 1985 Fiat 127 that runs on gasoline to an electric car to save on high fuel prices and to resort to a more environmentally friendly means of transportation.


Al-Saeed explained that the electric car is environmentally friendly and does not emit any kind of pollution, while gasoline causes combustion, smoke and pollution that affects the general atmosphere.

Al-Saeed, 51, bought his used car a year and a half ago for only ten thousand pounds (510 dollars), but he could not afford the increased cost of gasoline for a long time.

The electric battery cost nearly six times the original price of the car, but Al-Saeed thinks it was worth the investment.

He stated that the car cost him 60 thousand pounds and that it travels a distance of 100 kilometres, its speed is 70, and it takes two hours to charge it.

He added that he used to fill his car every two days with gasoline for an amount that was not large, but the prices started to increase, and he started paying double the amounts he was spending.

He stressed that this caused him a problem because he loves to travel a lot, so he thought of an alternative solution, which is the electric car, which helped him to practice his hobby of travel easier, and walking large distances of 200 and 300 kilometres.


He pointed out that charging the car battery for a distance of 100 kilometres now costs him only ten pounds (0.5 dollars), and he charges it once a week.

Over the past few years, Egypt has gradually removed subsidies on most fuel products as part of an economic reform program backed by the International Monetary Fund.

In July, the country raised domestic fuel prices by 50 piasters for 80 and 92 petrol.



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