Russians trying to escape their country in hope of finding better future

World: Everybody is aware that Russia lost their power after the Russia-Ukraine war, which is why its population is also shrinking with each passing day, and people blame Russian President Vladimir Putin's Ideology. 

WorldEverybody is aware that Russia lost their power after the Russia-Ukraine war, which is why its population is also shrinking with each passing day, and people blame Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Ideology. 

The current scenario of the whole war is that the war continues, and Ukraine keeps losing territories. Russia controls from the south the city of Kherson and the nuclear plant near Zaporizhzhia. In the eastern Donbas region, they have taken almost all major cities, including Mariupol. They are currently advancing towards Severodonetsk.


Since the war erupted, Putin supporters and critics have been fiercely divided. Their citizens are against their ideology, and many still support them. People living in Russia have been noticing how the Kremlin’s ideology influences and divides the Russian community.

Global companies have racked up more than $59 billion in losses from their Russian operations, with more financial pain to come as sanctions hit the economy and sales and shutdowns continue, according to a review of public statements and securities filings.

According to sources, Almost 1,000 Western businesses have pledged to exit or cut back operations in Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

Following the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 300,000 Russian citizens and residents are estimated to have left Russia by mid-March 2022 as political refugees and economic migrants due to a desire to evade criminal prosecution for exercising free speech regarding the invasion.

Since Russia launched its war against Ukraine in February, hundreds of journalists have fled Russia.




According to Roman Dobrohotov, a Russian journalist, the war against journalism in Russia started before the current war in Ukraine. It began in the spring of 2021. The war against journalism that Putin started then—arresting journalists, searching their homes, labelling them foreign agents—was preparation for the war in Ukraine.

He also raised several questions from Russia, especially When they got to know that I still lived in Russia and travelled abroad. People were really surprised that one could live in Russia and practice independent investigative journalism.

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched an unprovoked attack on Ukraine. Russia’s actions can be explained by its grand ambition to expand its sphere of influence to cover areas occupied by countries of the former USSR and create a safe buffer between it and the Atlantic Alliance – North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

Many countries do not support Putin’s Ideology at all, and many restrict Russian people enteries from migrating to other countries to safeguard their citizens from external threats.

And because of so many restrictions, many people are struggling to run their businesses in other countries, and those Russians who do not follow Kremlin’s narrative are being hatred by the Russian government. They are being tortured and suppressed by the administration.

The government also acquired their whole rights like the right to speak and freedom of expression.

According to the new Russian law, if a person is found criticizing the Russian government’s actions, specifically about the war, including calling it an “invasion” or “war,” they will have to face 15 years of imprisonment.

After facing so many restrictions, many people are looking for an alternative and hoping to start a new life. 

How can the world help Russians fight the dictatorial regime of Russia?

Countries that have restricted Russians should ease the way for innocent Russians so that they can start a new life where they can enjoy their rights and freedom of expression.

Moreover, countries should open the doors for migrants as emigration has played an important role worldwide in economic success.

Many countries are standing and supporting Russians. They should provide asylum to innocent Russians, especially those who are fighting the oppressive regime of Russia.

However, there are many other options, like Citizenship by Investment, in which anyone can take “Citizenship” in exchange for economic Investment. 

Citizenship by Investment not only provides Citizenship to individuals but also provides to their families. There are many benefits to acquiring dual Citizenship. Such as:

  • Right to travel freely 
  • Right to speech
  • Right to expression 
  • Safe and Secure Environment
  • Business Opportunities 
  • Plan B


Many countries provide Citizenship, especially the Caribbean countries. But this is not at all an easy way to take and enjoy Citizenship, as the individual has to go through a multi-layered due diligence process.

They thoroughly scrutinize the applicant’s financial and criminal background documents.

Migration plays an important role in the economic success of the countries; restricting people from migrating will draw many negative impacts such as will constraints, economic growth, new business ideas, and diversity.


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