"Take criticism seriously but not personally," says Saint Lucia Deputy PM Ernest Hilaire (image credits Facebook)

Saint Lucia: Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Ernest Hilaire, has recently extended his best wishes and regards to the citizens and residents of the nation, along with motivating them through a quote in which he elaborated upon the importance of using others’ opinions to your benefit.  

According to the updates, the Deputy PM and the Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information, Ernest Hilaire, took to his official social media handle to share his opinion and belief regarding the right approach towards taking the criticism and dealing with them in a positive aspect.


In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia has expressed his remarks through his official Facebook account caption; while showing the right path towards happiness and joy to adapt in life for the citizens and residents of Saint Lucia, he wrote, “Happy Wednesday and remembered that constructive feedback is always beneficial to your growth as a person.”

Furthermore, he also shared a photograph explaining the importance of critical thinking along with the way to handle criticism appropriately and in a constructive manner, which read that “Take criticism seriously but not personally. If the criticism has truth or merit, try to learn from it. Otherwise, let it roll right off you.”

Moreover, through his message, Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Hilaire addressed the residents and citizens of the nation about the significance of the correct evaluation of the criticism they received from someone, along with prioritizing its impacts on the person’s mental health and self-assessment, as negative self-judgment can affect the peace of mind in a disruptive manner.

In his message, he further explained that if a person is receiving any criticism in their life irrespective of the place and time, whether from family, friends or at the workplace through colleagues, they should take into consideration and give it a thought, but not take it personally if there is no merit in it.

Taking criticism personally, even though it has no meaning or merit or anything constructive to learn and adapt from, should only be given attention as needed, said Deputy Prime Minister. Moreover, his message also pointed out that criticism done with constructive end goal or truth must be given thought rather than just disturbing own mental peace on something which has no validity or merit to focus on, he added.

During the end, Minister of Tourism, Creative Industries, and Investment Hilaire noted that the worthless opinion of the people around us should be focused on something other than. One should let it roll off smoothly to maintain and keep their mental peace in place.



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