Yael Kadshai: First Israeli female motorcyclist to win first place in Morocco's Desert Rally
Yael Kadshai: First Israeli female motorcyclist to win first place in Morocco's Desert Rally (image credits Facebook)

Israel: A female motorcyclist and athlete from Israel named “Yael Kadshai” has participated for the first time in the recently held ‘Desert Rally’ motorcycle championship in Morocco, North Africa and bagged first position in the sporting event. 

She took to her official social media handle to share her experiences and learnings from her eight days long journey of the championship across the region.

On the auspicious occasion, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel has extended best wishes and congratulatory messages to the Israeli athlete and motorcyclist, Yael Kadshai acknowledging her exceptional performance and endurance during the eight days long rally.

Yael Kadshai: First female motorcyclist to win first place in Morocco’s Desert Rally

In addition, the Foreign Affairs Ministry also uploaded a photograph dedicated to the athlete while lauding her efforts; the post read, “Congratulations to “Yael Kadshai”, an Israeli female motorcyclist, who won first place in the desert motorcycle championship in Morocco.”

Yael Kadshai also shared a number of photographs and glimpses from her participation in the desert rally with her followers and fans on her official Instagram account. She wrote her experiences and learnings from the event in her Instagram caption, mentioning every up and down that she had to face during her journey.

Yael Kadshai: First female motorcyclist to win first place in Morocco’s Desert Rally

While addressing her experiences, Yael noted, “So I am back home, but my head is still looking for the next turn, the dunes and alerting about the boulder in front. Reminding to drink every few minutes to avoid dehydration.” She explained the attentiveness of her state of mind that she had to carry throughout the event, which is still there even after she had won the race.

In this regard, Israeli motorcyclist Yael continued her remarks and noted, “It’s natural when returning from one the toughest rallies in the world.” she stated that among all the sporting events she was a part of, this desert rally was one of the most challenging and toughest in many terms.

“So, I returned whole and safe with a huge smile on my face,” she said with a smile on her face and added that the journey was full of adventures and unexpected challenges in the harshest weather conditions in the desert, with high temperatures crossing the average marks. Furthermore, she mentioned that “I had eight days of racing, starting off losing my way navigating in the prologue.”

Yael Kadshai: First female motorcyclist to win first place in Morocco’s Desert Rally

Meanwhile, at the very beginning of her first-ever desert rally, she lost the navigation and the route to follow, which was mentioned as the first and most hectic challenge that she had to face. As per the experts, navigation is an essential part of the sporting event as it shows the route to the rider for eight days long rally and losing the route causes extra time for the rider.

After accomplishing a win over her first challenge of lost navigation, Yael Kadshai mentioned other experiences and called the second day of the event ‘much better. She noted in her Instagram caption, “The second day was much better.”

Even if she found the way to the route and had a good second day, the challenges were still ongoing, as there were other hurdles Yael had to overcome. In this context, she added, “Only my tires and fuel tank decided to break down, but I managed to get to the end on the last fuel drops.”

Yael Kadshai: First female motorcyclist to win first place in Morocco’s Desert Rally

Additionally, she outlined the significance of keeping the right approach and strategy during these kinds of tough and challenging rallies. She stated that discipline is the key in such harsh conditions in many terms, such as being hydrated and careful navigation.

On her part, Yael Kadshai, an Israeli athlete, said, “Over the next days, with accurate navigation and drinking discipline, I managed to finish each stage in a good position, despite the harsh temperature (40-50 degrees).”


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The experts stated that despite the hard challenges at every step, Yael’s efforts and achieving good posting and maintaining it are commendable and the reason behind her success.

She continued her remarks while dealing with a ton of emotions within. She expressed her joy and happiness regarding her participation in the desert rally held in Morocco. While addressing her joy, Yael noted, “This was my first desert rally and boy, It was fun!” the social media post of Yael Kadshai also mentioned that she became the 1st overall woman who took part in the event while being 11th overall in such moto rallies.

While sharing her memorable experiences with her followers, motorcyclist Yael Kardshai recalled the time of her training and preparations for the desert rally six months ago. While receiving the award after she clocked in the first position, Yael noted, “Yeah, I was surprised as well. The grueling six months of preparation paid off.”

During the end, she reflected a sign of a true sportsperson and athlete and added, “And from here on, I am looking forward to Dakar!” she said that this victory is sweet and dear to her heart, but at the same time, there is a new opportunity and challenges waiting for her and she would like to focus on the next step in the pathway of success.  

“Thankful for everyone supporting my sponsor and me for being beside me also in the less glamorous moments,” Yael Kadshai extended her heartfelt thankfulness and gratitude to the people who came forward in her support and cheered her throughout her career. She also mentioned that she had lived one of the most beautiful days of her life during the rally.


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