Minister of Energy Saleh Al-Kharbshah approves electricity connection for 327 rural houses, locations
Minister of Energy Saleh Al-Kharbshah approves electricity connection for 327 rural houses, locations || image credits: Ministry of Energy

Jordan: The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Dr Saleh Al-Kharbshah, in association with the Higher Guidance Committee for Rural Bankruptcy on Monday has approved the lists of houses and locations benefiting from the connection of electricity through normal networks during a meeting held by the Chairman of the Committee. The electricity was provided to a total cost of about 327 houses and locations, costing one million and 9 thousand dinars.

Minister Al-Kharbasha said in a press release that the Committee approved a set of projects and locations for which electricity will be received at the expense of the countryside penny and includes population gatherings and economic activities after the expansion of this service under amendments based on electricity receipt at the expense of rural penny.


On his part, the director of the Directorate of Electricity and Rural Electricity in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Engineer Hisham Al-Moumini, presented the details of the decisions and said that they included residential gatherings consisting of five houses outside the limits of the organization with a total cost of the project amounted to 387 thousand dinars.

Jordan: Minister of Energy Saleh Al-Kharbshah approves electricity connection for 327 rural houses, locations

It also includes residential settlements with at least three houses outside the organization’s limits. The project’s cost amounted to 166 thousand dinars, and individual houses outside the regulation limits benefit from existing networks with a total cost of 58 thousand dinars.

According to Engineer Hisham Al-Moumini, the list approved by the Supreme Committee included the segment of chaste families’ houses located within the limits of the regulation in the areas of the privilege of electricity companies and at a total cost of 8.4 thousand dinars. This item has come to support chaste families of limited income.

Furthermore, the list of rural penny support also included a segment of projects involving poultry farms, cows, sheep and fish within the out-regulated areas of poverty pockets. In such areas, the total value of projects implemented at the expense of the countryside penny reached 30 thousand dinars, supported by the ministry to farmers, encouraging livestock production and promoting self-reliance.

The approved categories include lighting roads leading to the graves at the cost of 175 thousand dinars, making it easier for citizens to bury their dead at night.

Al-Moumini explained that the countryside bankruptcy contributed to raising the capacities of the conversion stations created at the expense of the countryside’s bankruptcy during the last ten years to address the weakness in the current and reduce electricity loss with a financial cost of 55 thousand dinars.


Moumini completed the targeted categories in supporting the rural penny, which includes farms including Apara Artwazia, which are out of the organization, with a total cost of 67 thousand dinars, to support farmers, promote agriculture and contribute to achieving food security.

Moumini added that the installation of solar cell systems connected to the grid for 25 houses for chaste families and National Aid Fund beneficiaries had been approved to reduce the monthly energy bill for this category, and an indirect contribution from the ministry to support the exploitation of alternative energy sources, increase monthly financial income and improve the level living for it.

According to Al-Moumini, the contribution of the countryside penny to support productive, industrial and investment projects located in the areas of poverty and outside the borders of the organization of approved foundations for the countryside penny reached 20 thousand dinars. These projects will provide job opportunities to Jordanians from the residents of the project area in support of the local community.


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