'Anjuman Blood Donors', a WhatsApp group saving lives in J&K
'Anjuman Blood Donors', a WhatsApp group saving lives in J&K (image credits: The Global Kashmir)

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir: A group of young men in the district of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, has been running a WhatsApp group named ‘Anjuman Blood Donors’ aims at organizing blood donation campaigns while spreading awareness regarding the benefits and needs of blood donation among the people.

According to recent information, one of the admins of the WhatsApp group Tahir Ali told in a recent interview with a news agency that it was an initiative taken up by him and his team in order to play a small role in saving the life of the needy. 


The initiative has been helping a lot of people through an online search for a required match of blood donors across the valley.

The group admin, Tahir Ali, is a policeman and understands the need for such an initiative and recalled that it started four years ago when he came along with a few other people and created the WhatsApp group.

He noted that it had arranged more than 3000 blood pints for people in need since its formation.

In this context, Tahir Ali also stated that he has been donating blood since 2005. Furthermore, he outlined that to date, he has donated around 48 blood pints which have helped a number of people live a healthy lifestyle.

 In addition. He encouraged other people to join in the noble cause and sacred mission and save innocent lives through a little contribution.

Moreover, he took it to convey that anyone who wants to donate blood is welcome with open arms, and those who need the blood can contact the group without hesitation, and they are always ready to provide help.


On his part, Sameer Mustafa, another admin from the WhatsApp group, has asserted that they have formed a community of around 800 blood donors across the region, including both males and females. He conveyed that the needy can contact them for blood, platelets and plasma anytime.

A member of the group, Mujtaba Hussain, noted while talking to the KNO has pointed out that the aim of the blood donors group is saving lives with the emergence of blood. 

The donors are spread across the places and always ready to provide help wherever needed as soon as possible.

“The WhatsApp group don’t belong to any organization,” said another member named Huzaif. The group consists of volunteers who arrange platelets, plasma and blood for patients in need during emergencies. 

So far, the family has touched the mark of 800 people and has been moving forward to serve the community in every way possible. He added.



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