Egypt: Yasmin Fouad delivers speech at 17th Flag Day at Cairo University

Egypt: The Ministry of the Environment has stated its participation in celebrating the 17th Flag Day at Cairo University Egypt. 

Egypt: Yasmin Fouad delivers speech at 17th Flag Day at Cairo University (image credits Facebook)
image credits Facebook

Egypt: The Ministry of the Environment has stated its participation in celebrating the 17th Flag Day at Cairo University Egypt. The management of Cairo University honoured the Environment Minister, Yasmin Fouad, during the event.

As per the recent updates from the event, the University of Cairo has acknowledged and recognized all the outstanding efforts and contributions that Minister Yasmin Fouad has been putting into environmental work in the year 2022.


During the celebration event, Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad took it to confirm the immense depth of association between the Ministry of Environment and Cairo University and their longstanding relationships to work together in several fields and programs.


Furthermore, during the event, the Ministry of environment and the management of Cairo University discussed all the projects and programs they have been participating in in recent years.

Moreover, benefiting from the experiences of the professors and scientists from the University of Cairo, the authorities cited the University’s role during Egypt’s preparations to host the CO Climate Summit P27.

The discussion took place during the session of the celebration of the 17th Flag Day in Egypt. During the commemoration, the President of Cairo University, Mohamed Othman Al-Khasht, accompanied the Minister of Environment, Yasmine Fouad. 

The university president Al-Khasht extended his gratitude and thanked Yasmin Fouad for leading the environment department with such grace and positive impact.


At the occasion, President, Al-Khasht also addresses the significant role of Yasmin Fouad’s leadership in the success of the COP27 climate conference and its exit in the honorary manner of the Egyptian state. 

The contributions lead to raising environmental awareness on the issue of climate change and its distinctive contributions in the different environment files.

As per the recent reports, The honour ceremony was attended by several ministers and 140 University scholars, thinkers and researchers receiving State and University awards in various scientific fields for 2020 and 2021.

The event focused on encouraging and honouring distinguished scientists and researchers in appreciation of their giving and efforts in the institute, a rollup of scientific and humanities fields and their scientific and research achievements in the conferences at both Local and international levels. 

The officials also stressed the affirmation of the position of science and scientists in the Egyptian state.

In addition, several top officials and faculty members were present at the event, including Counsellor Omar Marwan, the Minister of Justice, and Mohamed Moait, the Minister of Finance.

The ministers were partnered with many senior public figures and men of the state, the vice president of the University, the deans of the faculties, faculty members and students, And that’s the grand festival hall of the University.

Additionally, the Minister of the Environment, Yasmin Fouad, emphasized the substantial role of Cairo University and its cooperation with the Ministry of Environment in the past.

Fouad stated that the association between both organizations had seen a number of areas of improvement, including the signing of a protocol of cooperation to prepare university programs for environmental sciences through the air pollution and climate change management project In collaboration with the World Bank.

The programs include preparing scientific content in bilingual Arabic and English for the university education program specialized in environmental sciences and creating an entity to organize periodically approved training programs for ecological workers and their protection.

Towards the end of the celebration event, the Ministry of Environment and Cairo University also pointed out the coordination among them to hold timely workshops to identify contemporary and future environmental issues and challenges.

After identifying the challenges, Environment Ministry and Cairo University launched a joint awareness campaign on air pollution and climate change management. 

They introduced a scientific curriculum at the graduate and higher studies level On managing air pollution and climate change, green job expansion, capacity and capacity building. 

Scientific and technical to do these jobs through a university education specializing in environmental sciences.



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