Egypt: EM Yasmin Fouad meets CEO of Renergy Group Robert Falak
Egypt: EM Yasmin Fouad meets CEO of Renergy Group Robert Falak (image credits Facebook)

The Minister of Environment of Egypt, Yasmin Fouad, met with the Executive Director of the Renergy Group Partner Company, Robert Falak, at the Ministry’s headquarters. The meeting was held to implement the first waste conversion station in Abu Rawash, Governorate of Giza.

According to the update, during the meeting, Minister Yasmin Fouad and CEO Robert Falak agreed to enhance the joint cooperation between both partnered organizations. The panel emphasized that there would be a possibility to repeat the implementation of the project at another location as well.


On her part, the Minister of the Environment, Yasmin Fouad, stated that “We seek to promote investment in projects to convert waste to electricity, in cooperation with the private sector.” She further praised the company’s role as the first private sector partner in starting projects to convert waste to electricity in Egypt.

Furthermore, it was also emphasized that the cooperation between both parties is connected to the extent of seriousness, commitment and diligent work during the past period to bring the project to light, which is a new type of investment in waste management that Egypt seeks to domesticate in the coming period.

The Minister of the Environment, Fouad, confirmed the signing of the implementation of the project for financing, design, creation, exploitation, maintenance and transfer of ownership of the municipal solid waste to an electric power plant in Abi Rawash.

Yasmin Fouad pointed out that the successful project implementation is part of a long journey from preparation for a supportive climate to starting projects of waste conversion to electricity in Egypt within mechanisms of partnership with the private sector in investing in waste.

Moreover, the Ministry of the Environment made sure to cooperate and coordinate with various partner parties to study and determine the best ways and decisions necessary to prepare the climate to start implementing such projects. The project will be implemented within the framework of the new waste management system with the support of political leadership, said the Minister.

It was further clarified that the essential role of the waste management system of the Ministry of Environment is to organize relationships and ties between different partners, build credibility and the relationship with the private sector in a climate of equal opportunities, and ensure the distribution of roles and responsibilities enacted in the recently released Waste Law to ensure that all parties are performing their duties and obtaining their rights.


The Minister discussed with the CEO of the company the possibility of completing the cooperation in the repetition of the project in other locations in Egypt’s governorates, where the Minister pointed to a meeting in the coming period with investors interested in investing in waste to electricity projects, to draw a roadmap for the next stage to implement more similar projects in other governorates. The opportunity for the private sector to disagree with the partnership is equally transparent and competitive.

For his part, Mr Robert Falak, CEO of Renergy Group Partners, praised the Minister of Environment’s efforts in preparing the project, bringing closer views and coordination between multiple partners, especially the first-of-its-kind project.


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