Egypt: Ministry of Tourism implements digital payment systems at 7 archaeological sites
Egypt: Ministry of Tourism implements digital payment systems at 7 archaeological sites || image credits: Ministry of Tourism, Egypt (Facebook)

Egypt: The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has issued an update regarding installing digital payment systems through bank cards to buy entry tickets at 7 archaeological sites. The payment systems have been installed in several archaeological sites in the country so far. 

It is considered a prominent advancement for individual visitors and tourism companies during their visits. According to the updates, the update was shared by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities through its official social media handle. The update read, “Learn about the archaeological sites and museums that apply payment systems using bank cards to buy their entry tickets.”


In addition, the Ministry has stated that the cash payment has stopped at the sites and changed to non-cash completely. “The application of payment system using bank cards of all kinds to purchase tickets to visit several archaeological sites and museums,” said the Ministry.

The installation of the non-cash payment method comes in the complement of a plan from The Ministry for Comprehensive Digital Transformation and in action to the Egyptian state trends of the shift towards non-cash payments.

The sites have included 7 archaeological sites and museums so far, which are given below:

The pyramids of Giza, Salahuddin Al-Ayoubi Castle in Salah Salem, the missing Masala and the temples of Edfo, Kom Ambo, Elephant, Abu Sambal Baswan, Egyptian Museum of Liberation, and Nuba Museum.

These museums and archaeological sites will only be allowed to pay cash for Egyptian school trips temporarily until the Ministry implements an electronic portal that allows different schools to pre-book their school trips and pay using bank cards as well, noted the Ministry.

There are several ways to buy tickets to these museums and archaeological sites:


First up: For tourism companies and individual foreign visitors

  • The possibility of a tourism company purchasing packaged visit tickets for its customers wishing to enter these sites and museums from the Collected Ticket Centre in the Ministry and the value of these tickets shall be paid through bank transfers from the company’s account. Another method would be using a bank card in the centre, ensuring no direct cash payment will be accepted. These tickets may not be deposited in cash in the Supreme Council of Archaeology bank account but must be transferred through the bank.
  • The tourism company issues cash payment cards from an Egyptian bank that offers payment cards to companies and is handed over to the guide or representative to purchase tickets on-site.
  • The foreign visitor himself shall purchase entry tickets upon arriving at the archaeological site or museum using their bank card, and tickets for foreigners will only be available to buy through bank cards.
  • The company should purchase tickets electronically from the ministry website

Second: For individual Egyptian visitors

1) Tickets must be purchased electronically through

2) Purchase visit tickets from the archaeological site or museum ticketing outlet using a bank card or prepaid advantage card from Egyptian banks.

3) Visit tickets for Egyptian visitors, either adults or students, remain purchased by bank card or cash in some limited locations and temporarily.


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