Egypt collaborates with United States, Canada, and Europe on healthcare initiatives
Egypt collaborates with United States, Canada, and Europe on healthcare initiatives || image credits: Ministry of Immigration, Egypt

Egypt: The Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates, Soha Gendi, has welcomed a medical delegation from the United States of America, Canada and Europe and members of the “Home” Foundation to research ways to provide healthcare facilities and services in different small regions of Egypt. 

The meeting was held to enhance the cooperation between the Ministry and the Immigration and Home Foundation while extending medical care to remote areas of the country.


As per the information, it was stated that the Minister of Immigration, Soha Gendi, seeks the “HOME” Foundation members to support the state efforts in providing medical services in the villages that are most in need. On her part, she outlined that “We look forward to further cooperation with the HOME Foundation for the “Survival Boats” and “Hayat Karima” initiatives”.

Egypt collaborates with United States, Canada, and Europe on healthcare initiatives

The meeting was attended by both Farid Al-Bayadi, a member of the House of Representatives; Essam Raad, founder and president of “Home” Foundation; Reverend Ashat Jundi, Director of Operations in the Middle East of the Foundation; Kamil Shakarallah, Technical Director of Home Specialist Hospital, and Sameh Yeni Managing Director of Home Specialist hospital.

On her part, Ambassador Soha Gendi, the Minister of Immigration, welcomed members and representatives of the “HOME” Foundation for Egyptian doctors abroad based in Houston, United States of America. 

She expressed her eagerness to achieve more cooperation within the framework of the Joint Cooperation Protocol between the Ministry of Immigration and the “HOME”, Foundation.

Furthermore, Minister Gendi also said that the initiatives aimed to provide support to the state in the health sector and disseminate health awareness and education Medical and leveraging Egyptian doctors and experts abroad and their scientific and practical experience in various disciplines in order to support the two presidential initiatives “survival boats” and “generous life”.

“We consider the medical field, in the depth of the relationship between development and immigration, a priority for us, and that is why we have to build on the cooperation protocol between the ministry and the Home Foundation by putting in place an institutional mechanism to contribute a large segment of our doctors abroad, to the state efforts to uplift the health sector,” said the Minister.


Moreover, it was also said that the Minister of Immigration pointed out that Egyptian doctors abroad will make no effort to support their country and their countrymen. 

This cooperation sees a good opportunity to exchange the scientific experience of Egyptian experts and doctors abroad with Egyptian doctors inside.

The initiative will also focus on the nursing system by training nurses and nursing assistants and holding training sessions with Egyptian medical staff’s knowledge abroad.

On his part, Essam Raad, founder and president of the “Home” Foundation, expressed his pleasure to meet Ambassador Soha Gendi, the Minister of Immigration, emphasizing the desire of the Foundation to magnify and enhance the ways of joint cooperation with the Ministry of Immigration by motivating and encouraging the Egyptian community.

He specifically emphasized the importance of medical workers outside Egypt to support the Egyptian state by providing free medical services in the most needed areas, in addition to the initiative of international medical experts in Egypt to exchange experiences and develop the health system.

The head of the Home Foundation follows that the Foundation has carried out many activities during the past period within the framework of the implementation of the protocol of cooperation with the Ministry of Immigration. Among them, the inauguration of the “Home” Charity Hospital building to benefit Egyptian doctors abroad in training medical staff has been approved.

Along with this, in cooperation with the Together Foundation for Healing, the implementation of 5 mobile clinics was also approved, with an aim in the coming period, what is called telehealth healthcare, which is doctor-to-patient medical follow-up over the phone. 

“We have about 60 physicians currently ready to participate in the process, as well as implement infection control training, and trainees get certifications in this important field from America”, Minister concluded.


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