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Health Minister Khaled Abdul Ghaffer honours medical convoy in Egypt  || image credits: Ministry of Health

Egypt: The Minister of Health and Population, Khaled Abdul Ghaffar, yesterday, July 18, 2023, met with the medical team involved in the specialized medical convoy in Arish, North Sinai Governorate. The meeting was held to follow up on the work of the convoy, which has been launched since Wednesday, July 12.

It has been noted that the works under the convoy have been going on for two weeks in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Suez, and The Egyptian Council of Egyptian Tribes. 


On his part, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Health and Population, Hossam Abdul Ghaffar, explained that the minister thanked the medical team members for their efforts during the works of the medical caravan in North Sinai.

Health Minister Khaled Abdul Ghaffer honours medical convoy in Egypt

He stated that the convoy and the medical team had successfully reached the province’s waiting lists to “zero”. He thanked the members of the Egyptian Council for Egyptian Tribes for their community role in facilitating the task of medical convoy works.

The spokesperson indicated that the medical convoy in North Sinai, which included 15 mobile clinics, provided various medical services with a total of 218 specialized surgeries in (cardiovascular, chest, nose, ear and throat, urinary tract surgeries, digestive tract scan, brain and neurosurgery).

Health Minister Khaled Abdul Ghaffer honours medical convoy in Egypt

In addition, Abdul Ghaffar also said that “The doctors were trained by the workers of the Ministry of Health and Population and conducted several workshops by the medical team involved in the convoy of professors of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Suez in the specialities of internal, paediatric and various surgeries.”

He further noted that the minister was considering preparing a protocol for cooperation between the Health Care Authority and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Suez to implement specialized human staff to work in the Ismailia Medical Complex in the framework of the ongoing cooperation between the Ministry of Health and Egyptian universities.

Health Minister Khaled Abdul Ghaffer honours medical convoy in Egypt

“The importance of the role of mobile medical caravans in supporting the access of medical services to families in remote places, which are one of the main pillars of the mechanisms of medical services delivery and followed by different countries of the world”, emphasized the Minister of Health.


He added that the ministry aims to expand the launch of these specialized medical caravans to different governorates of the Republic, especially border areas. 

Meanwhile, Khaled Abdul Ghaffar mentioned that the convoy provides services of public health initiatives, with the participation of 27 doctors, from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Suez.

He said that the well-trained doctors performed surgeries, within the initiative of the president to terminate waiting lists, in the specialities of general surgery, carpal tunnel surgery, nose and ear, asthma, heart and blood vessels, orthopaedic surgery, facial and jaw surgery, and children, Cases requiring micro medical procedures or surgical interventions are being referred to Arish General Hospital.

The members of the Egyptian Council for Egyptian Tribes would like to thank President Abdul Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, for the attention the state has given to the citizens of Sinai. 

The Sinai governorate is experiencing a surge in achievements in all spheres, especially the health sector, in recent years, said Minsiter Khaled Abdul Ghaffar.

It was noted that the medical caravan had witnessed a huge turnout from The people to benefit and praise the medical services provided, reflecting the interest of the Egyptian state for its citizens throughout the Republic.

The initiative was carried out in the presence of Abdul Rahman Al-Tahan, dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Suez, the head of the medical team who participated in the convoy from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Suisse.

Several other officials were also involved, including Ahmed Safan, Head of the Therapeutic Care Sector; Muhammad Al-Nadi, Head of the Central Department of Therapeutic Medicine; Ashraf Al-Atarbi, General Manager of Hospitals, and Muhammad Ghabashi, Managing Director General of Medical Caravan Management,


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