Bahrain: HM Jaleela Hassan celebrates International Blood Pressure Day
Bahrain: HM Jaleela Hassan celebrates International Blood Pressure Day (Image credits Facebook)

Bahrain: The Ministry of Health, under the supervision and patronage of Health Minister Jaleela Jawad Hassan, has recently organized a celebration event to honour and celebrate International Blood Pressure Day today, May 17, 2023.  

The authorities have conveyed that the event was held to spread awareness regarding blood pressure levels and things associated with it.


According to the shared updates, the information regarding the celebration event was shared by the officials of the Ministry of Health through its official social media handle today. The update shared by the ministry read that “The Kingdom of Bahrain celebrates International High Blood Pressure Day.”

In addition, the Health Minister Jaleela Hassan of the Kingdom of Bahrain has also mentioned in their update that “The countries of the world participate in the celebration of the World Hypertension Day, which is celebrated and falls on May 17 every year, to spread awareness of the essence and significance of measuring blood pressure and knowing its normal levels.”

Furthermore, it was also stated that emphasizing the importance of controlling blood pressure to avoid serious health complications and diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure, where high blood pressure is one of the leading and most dangerous causes of premature death in the world.

“The Kingdom of Bahrain, with the cooperation of all concerned parties, is paying great attention to the fight against non-existent chronic diseases in the community by promoting and raising awareness about the importance of limiting hypertension by drawing up many plans, health strategies and preventive initiatives to reduce the incidence of the disease and minimize its risks and complications,” said the officials.

The Ministry of Health also stressed that it is also keen to unite community efforts and work to organize many events, activities, and awareness in conjunction with the celebration of World Hypertension Day by holding and organizing awareness campaigns and events.

“The event will be aimed at the early detection of risk factors as well as promoting ways to raise awareness of the public with high blood pressure Blood and a statement of symptoms and possible prevention and treatment,” officials concluded.



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