Bahrain Ministry of Health seeks to strengthen joint cooperation with Nestle Company
Bahrain Ministry of Health seeks to strengthen joint cooperation with Nestle Company || Picture Courtesy: MoH Bahrain (Facebook)

Bahrain: Walid bin Khalifa, Deputy of the Ministry of Health, affirmed the interest and support of the Ministry of Health for various efforts and initiatives that contribute to the fight against non-existent chronic diseases, especially obesity, citing the fruitful cooperation between Nestle Bahrain Commercial Company and the Ministry of Health in order to reduce risk factors and promote healthy behaviours in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

This came during a meeting with the delegation of Nestle Bahrain Commercial Company, chaired by Dr Amr Abdoun, accompanied by David Georgi, the Medical Director of Nestle in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and in the presence of Dr Iglal Al-Alawi, Assistant Public Health Agent, and a number of officials and stakeholders in the Ministry of Health, to discuss ways to enhance cooperation and support the Ministry’s strategies Health in the aspects of Health.


During the meeting, Nestle Bahrain‘s most prominent initiatives were reviewed, including a Healthy Generations Project to reduce obesity among school students and a visit of experts from Nestle Research Center to the Kingdom of Bahrain to classify foods and reduce the salt percentage in food products.

Ways to enhance cooperation were also researched by expanding the scope of the Healthy Generations Project, breastfeeding support initiatives, food and health security, and joint research related to the study and analysis of nutritional behaviour in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

For his part, the General Manager of Nestle Bahrain Commercial, Amr Abdoun, confirmed his prospect to increase the spheres of cooperation, especially in the areas of training, by holding training workshops for stakeholders in the field, educating and promoting Health in Bahrain community.

Nestle also expresses its gratitude and appreciation to the Ministry of Health and its various staff that have provided them with support and support, wishing the Kingdom of Bahrain more prosperity and prosperity in all spheres.


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