Egypt: Dy Minister for Tourism Ghada Shalaby attends 15th Arab Meeting for tourism media
Egypt: Dy Minister for Tourism Ghada Shalaby attends 15th Arab Meeting for tourism media || image credits: Ministry of Tourism (Facebook)

Egypt: On behalf of Mr Ahmed Issa, Minister of Tourism and Archeology, yesterday, Mrs Ghada Shalaby, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Monuments for Tourism Affairs, participated in the 15th Arab Meeting for Tourism Media organized by the Arab Union for Tourist Media during the period from 5 to 10 June. 

The Meeting was held in the presence of Mr Amr Al-Qadi, the executive president of the Egyptian General Authority, for being a tourist.


During the Meeting, the Deputy Minister gave a speech in which he welcomed the conference participants from Arab journalists, officials and bloggers in their second homeland, Egypt, and she conveyed the Minister’s greetings to them.

Egypt: Dy Minister for Tourism Ghada Shalaby attends 15th Arab Meeting for tourism media

The Deputy Minister clarified the importance of the media, whether visual, audible, reader or bloggers, pointing to the responsibility of the media in promoting tourism for tourist destinations and conveying a tourist media message about what they see in the Egyptian goal. 

It was also emphasized that Egypt offers its visitors a unique and distinct experience as Egypt offers advanced tourism products that encourage tourists to repeat the visit.

Egypt: Dy Minister for Tourism Ghada Shalaby attends 15th Arab Meeting for tourism media

During the Meeting, it was also highlighted the importance of this message at the current time that coincides with the summer tourist season, holidays, and the approaching Eid al-Adha. He pointed out the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, which the participants will visit as a complement to the events of the Meeting.

The city will be hosting the Seventh Parties Conference to the United Nations Climate Change Cop 27, and it has become an environmentally friendly city offering a number of tourism products such as conference tourism, beach tourism, entertainment, etc., said the reports.

The Deputy Minister also spoke about the Ministry’s strategy for tourism development in Egypt, which focuses on three axes: to provide more access to the Egyptian tourist destination and double the number of seats coming to Egypt in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Aviation. 


It was stated that already a number of airlines, whether casual or low-cost, have started operating flights More to Egyptian tourist destinations such as Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Alameen, etc.

Egypt: Dy Minister for Tourism Ghada Shalaby attends 15th Arab Meeting for tourism media

In addition to working on improving the tourist experience in Egypt and raising the quality of the tourism services provided, the hubs include improving the tourist investment climate in Egypt and increasing the number of hotel rooms available in the coming period. The reports stated that the protocols are already being signed to operate new hotels in different Egyptian tourist destinations.

The Minister referred to new and attractive styles of hotels such as Eco Hotels and Nile Golds, which represent a new attractive pattern for Arab tourists that allow them to enjoy the Nile River and have a distinctive tourist experience during their visit to temples and archaeological sites in cities spanning the provinces of Luxor and Aswan.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism also reviewed the new facilities offered by the state for obtaining a tourist visa for a number of different nationalities; where they can get a tourist visa at Egyptian ports upon arrival or electronically through the designated portal, which comes in the context of the Egyptian state’s keenness to pay more tourist movement arriving to Egypt.

On his part, Professor Amr Al-Qadhi emphasized the importance of inter-tourism between Arab countries, which comes within the priorities of the Authority, referring to the Arab countries having unique tourist destinations that distinguish each other from the other. He pointed out the strategic importance of tourism as it greatly contributes to the closeness of peoples and the exchange of cultures.

He clarified that a number of Arab countries are already being coordinated for cooperation in the tourism sector, referring to Egypt’s new promotional campaign launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology last March under the title “Your Expectations are History” in target markets, which highlights the Egyptian tourist destination and exceeds Predictions of the tourists.

During the Meeting, the promotional film for this campaign was presented, highlighting many tourist styles and activities that characterize Egypt and receiving great appreciation and praise from the attendees. Artists, writers and celebrities also showed a film about the soft forces in Egypt, confirming Egypt’s leadership in the Arab world in many fields.

At the end of the conference events, the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Archaeology for Tourism Affairs and the Executive Chairman of the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Activism was honoured due to the efforts of the Ministry and the Authority in sponsoring and supporting the event.


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