Egyp: EM Reda Hijazi seeks to join Italian experts to connect schools and community
Egyp: EM Reda Hijazi seeks to join Italian experts to connect schools and community || image credits: Ministry of Education (Facebook)

Egypt: The Minister of Education and Technical Education, Egypt, Dr Reda Hijazi, has recently shared an update regarding the meeting held to enhance the cooperation with the Italian experts in architectural construction to find ways to connect the school building to the community. 

The meeting was held yesterday, June 7, 2023, where the discussions were held over finding ways to collaborate between the two parties.


On his part, Minister of Education Reda Hijazi noted that “The ministry is working to keep up with schools for digital transformation by designing smart, flexible, multi-purpose school buildings.” 

The reports further stated that Reda Hegazi received the Minister of Education and Technical Education Maria Alessandra and Carlo Capay, an expert in architecture in Italy, to explore ways to collaborate, linking the school building to the community.

At the outset of the meeting, the Minister stressed the importance of having a body responsible for educational facilities, noting that the Ministry cares about the school as an educational institution in which the Egyptian personality has been built since childhood. 

It was also stressed that attracting the students to the school allows education to be available to all without discrimination and increases the number of schools in crowded areas and remote villages with consideration of Standards of quality.

Minister Reda Hijazi explained that the Ministry is working to find solutions to reduce class density and increase the annual rates of educational buildings to cope with the population increase.

In light of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and digital transformation, the Minister said that the Ministry is working to meet current challenges and variables that require abandoning traditional systems, strategies and mechanisms of work by keeping schools in line with digital transformation by designing flexible, multi-purpose smart school buildings.


For her part, Maria Alessandra stressed the importance of linking educational requirements with the school building, noting that the school building must achieve sustainability and be compatible with environmental, economic and social purposes.

During the meeting, the architectural construction expert reviewed several school building designs that aim to connect the school building to the community, exploiting gaps by keeping up with modern technology; to achieve sustainability and contribute to attracting and developing students’ potential.

This came in the presence of Major General Yousri Salem, Assistant Minister for Affairs of the General Authority for Educational Buildings, Dr Sherin Hamdi, Advisor to the Minister for Administrative Development and Supervisor of the Central Administration for the Minister’s Office, Dr Mamdouh Mohammed, Head of the Central Department for the Presidency of the Board, Eng. Akmal Shawqi and other ministers.


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