Dominica: Housing Minister Melissa Poponne Skerrit launches hurricane preparedness initiative
Dominica: Housing Minister Melissa Poponne Skerrit launches hurricane preparedness initiative || image credits: Melissa Skerrit (Facebook)

Dominica: Melissa Poponne Skerrit – The Parliament Secretary for the Roseau Central Constituency and Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Development, has recently shared an update addressing the Hurricane Preparedness Initiative on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. The initiative was presented to the citizens and residents of the Commonwealth of Dominica ahead of the Hurricane season from June 1, 2023.

According to the reports, following the beginning of the Hurricane season in Dominica, the Minister addressed her fellow Dominicans regarding the Hurricane challenge and asked them to stay safe and adapt safety measures issued by the government. 


She has taken to her official social media handle to empower and encourage people to keep their families and loved ones safe during these challenging times.

Meanwhile, the Parliament Representative of the Roseau Central Constituency of Dominica, Melissa Skerrit, has outlined that the introduced initiative of DIY Hurricane Preparedness aims to provide safety and preventive measures in order to keep the people safe. She added that it specifically focused on protecting their homes during the hurricane season.

Furthermore, she also conveyed that the people should contact their constituency representatives for further details and information to prepare for the hurricane season that began on June 1, 2023. Her social media post also shared that the Dominicans need to take proactive and preventive measures to empower their homes and be prepared for the hurricane season.

While addressing the significance of the ‘Hurricane Preparedness Initiative,’ Minister Melissa Skerrit stated that the government of Dominica pledges to stand firm with the population. It was also mentioned that the people would be provided essential lifesaving supplies, which can be crucial in these times.

Along with this, the Minister of Housing and Land Development also noted that the ministry would facilitate the supplies to the residents in order to transform their homes into sustainable, resilient structures. She also outlined the eligibility criteria for the initiative, which read as follows:

Melissa Skerrit stated that the applicants must: –

  • Be residents of Dominica
  • Be committed to actively participating in the initiative
  • Be willing to comply with all the relevant building codes and regulations
  • Have access to the necessary tools or human resources to install the materials themselves.
  • Be ready to provide feedback or take part in monitoring and evaluation activities.

In the end, it was also said that the application forms to register for the initiative are available at any Ministry of Housing and Urban Development office or any Constituency Office. Dominicans are encouraged to come forward and take up the preparedness initiative measures to remain safe and secure along with their families.


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