Prez El-Sisi's leadership drives growth in Egyptian health sector, says Health Minister
Prez El-Sisi's leadership drives growth in Egyptian health sector, says Health Minister || image credits: Ministery of Health

Egypt: The Minister of Health and Population of Egypt, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, confirmed that the Egyptian health sector has witnessed an unprecedented boom since President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi took over the rule between 2014 and 2023. The enhancement occurred in all sectors, such as construction, development or treatment.

It was stated that such a boom was initiated to raise the standard of citizens’ quality of life and to build man the Egyptian, achieving the vision of Egypt 2030. On his part, Hossam Abdul Ghaffar, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Health and Population, explained that the number of projects the sector has seen since 2014 now reached 965 projects, with a total cost of 91.31 billion pounds.


He mentioned that among the 965 projects, around 296 new construction projects, costing 49.91 billion pounds, and 669 development projects, costing EGP 41.40 billion, were introduced. 

He added that the President’s initiatives in the public health field, under the slogan “100 million health”, began with the mother’s initiative to eliminate the Coronavirus. Around 64 million citizens were surveyed during the tests, followed by 4 million citizens being treated.

Furthermore, the President’s initiative was introduced to treat malnutrition among school children, and 45 were surveyed, One million children, turning 1.5 million children, for follow-up, evaluation and treatment. 

The initiative has apparently been successful since its launch in reducing the spread of anaemia by 25%, to come the President’s initiative to support Egyptian women’s health. Such projects have successfully delivered 36 million services, including free screening and early detection of breast tumours and treatment, a breakthrough achievement.

It represented an increase in early-stage disease detection to 70% versus 58% in late-stage disease detection before the initiative was launched. Following that, the President’s initiative also targeted to treat deafness and hearing loss in newborns. 

The initiative successfully performed auditory scans of 4.9 million newborns, provided advanced medication and screenings to 11,000 children, and installed headsets for 9,610 children.


Furthermore, the President of the Republic also started the Maternal and Fetal Health Care Initiative, which examined 2 million pregnant women, and turned 29,000 women for treatment and follow-up. According to the Chronic Diseases Screening and Treatment Initiative, nearly 32 million citizens were screened, then the President’s Early Detection of Kidney Disorder Initiative has screened 6 million citizens and reversed 3 million cases for follow-up and treatment.

Spokesperson Abdul Ghaffar said that in addition to the presidential initiatives, the initiative for early detection and treatment of liver cancer came, including a follow-up of 116 thousand cases in its program. Among these, the treatment for 2000 cases was conducted. 

In addition, the presidential initiatives included the Elderly Care Initiative, which managed to erase 740 thousand citizens of older people and sent 34 thousand citizens for follow-up And the cure.

He indicated that in the framework of the Egyptian state’s quest to reach disease-free generations, the President’s initiative for the early detection of genetic diseases in newborns was launched, 287 thousand newborns were scanned in nurseries, as well as the President’s Initiative to examine prospects, where 283 were scanned A thousand citizens and citizens of the future marriage.

He further expelled that the initiative of the President of the Republic to eliminate waiting lists for critical operations, and urgent surgical interventions, came to alleviate the suffering of waiting for patients, which resulted in almost 2 million surgical interventions. 

The latest initiatives of the President, aimed at the early detection and treatment of cancerous tumours (lung-prostate-colon-cervix), were able to examine something Nearly 5 thousand citizens in the first four days of operation of the initiative.

He cited the efforts of the Egyptian state in the health sector, which achieved concrete success, increasing the average age of an individual from 69.8 to 71.8 years, and the maternal mortality rate decreased to 17 cases per 100 thousand mothers, alongside a decreased child mortality rate Newborns to 10.02 for every 1000 babies.

In the end, Minister pointed out that the Ministry of Health has carried out national vaccination campaigns against polio and kept Egypt free from the disease, as well as national vaccination campaigns against German measles and measles, and an epidemic map has been put out showing the distribution of common diseases with priority throughout the republic.


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