Minister Soha Gendi hosts video meet with Egyptian youth in India and Pakistan 
Minister Soha Gendi hosts video meet with Egyptian youth in India and Pakistan || Image credits: Ministry of Immigration

Egypt: Ambassador Soha Gendi, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad, held a virtual video conference under the “Hour with the Minister” initiative with about 30 Egyptians from the Egyptian community symbols in India and Pakistan. 

The meeting was held to discuss the community’s situation and listen to their ideas and theses on creating more links between community members and their homeland Egypt during the next period.


The reports have stated that as part of the “Hour with the Minister” initiative, the Immigration minister has met with the sons of the Egyptian Galatians in India and Pakistan for the first time through video conference. Minister Soha Gendi reviewed proposals and inquiries from Egyptians in India and Pakistan during the meeting. 

Minister Soha Gendi hosts video meet with Egyptian youth in India and Pakistan

At the beginning of the meeting, Ambassador Soha Gendi welcomed the presence of Egyptians in India and Pakistan, assuring that she puts the top of her interest in listening to Egyptians around the world. 

She took it as an opportunity to assure that the Egyptian state always listens to her children worldwide, indicating that we have met Egyptian communities in more than 40 countries. For the first time, we have met Egyptians in India and Pakistan.

Furthermore, on her part, Minister mentioned that “: The presence of Egyptians in the world continents exceeds our soft laws and ensures the transfer of different experiences to Egypt”. The meeting was attended by Ambassador Amr Abbas, Assistant Minister of Immigration for Community Affairs, Ambassador Wael Hamed, Ambassador of Egypt in India, and Ambassador Sameh Al-Ghamrawy, Deputy Chief of the Egyptian Mission to Pakistan.

Along with them, the meeting also witnessed the presence of General Ihab Al-Hini, Representative of Civil Affairs, and Colonel Mohamed Sharshar, Director of Legal Affairs of the General Administration for Passports, Immigration and Sexuality, Tariq Mustafa, Representative of the General Authority for Social Security, Ilham Fathi, Director of Our Children Abroad, Representative of the Ministry of Education and Mr Ahmed Abu Bakr, Representative of Cairo Customs.

It was outlined that Egypt has special relations with India and Pakistan, and a better future can be built for all, there are common historical bases and cooperation, and exchange experiences can be done. “The presence of Egyptians on the world continent enhances Egypt’sEgypt’s soft powers and ensures the transfer of different experiences to Egypt,” noted Minister Soha Gendi. 


She also emphasized that Egypt and India celebrated 75 years of Establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries a few days ago. 

She also confirmed that the Ministry is keen to communicate with Egyptians worldwide in all forms of communication, around the clock; the Ministry also ensures listening to various ideas and suggestions and solving the problems of Egyptians abroad in cooperation with the ministries and institutions of the Egyptian state.

It is clear that representatives from the state institutions are keen to participate in various meetings with Egyptians Offshore, to participate in sustainable development plans in the new republic, said Soha Gendi.

The Minister of Immigration valued the efforts made by community members, especially organizing events aimed at preserving the Egyptian identity, their active participation with communities abroad, and strengthening the relationship between our citizens and countries of residence. It is confirmed that immigration promotes development in different aspects, which is what we strive to implement in the Ministry’sMinistry’s work strategy.

In this context, Ambassador Soha Gendi praised Egyptians abroad for excellence in various fields, noting that there are many young Egyptian researchers and experts in several Indian and Pakistani universities. 

She highlighted the importance of opening horizons of cooperation with the community of geniuses in different fields of higher studies In Indian universities. 

In addition, Minister also linked them with stakeholders to work in their fields of specialization in Egypt and researched how to organize the transfer of experience and knowledge they had to personnel working inside Egypt in the same fields of their specialization. 

The areas that Pakistan and India are characterized by and among the fields: communications and information technology, pharmaceutical, serum and vaccine industries, renewable energy and the renewed, and others.

The Minister of Immigration pointed out the possibility of increasing cultural and artistic activities aimed at the community in both India and Pakistan to strengthen their Egyptian identity and tie them with the motherland; the Ministry confirmed that the name of Egyptians abroad, and therefore we have taken care to support them and provide various incentives and facilities.

In the same context, Ambassador Soha Gendi, the Minister of Immigration, explained to the participants of the meeting that the number of people registered to participate in the fourth edition of the Egyptians Abroad Conference reached about a thousand people. 

She added that its new edition targets several important hubs: (the economic hub – the political and educational hub – the social and service hub).

The Minister of Immigration has taken a series of incentives provided the Ministry of Immigration to Egyptians abroad, both flights discounts for families for 216 days and an agreement with the Ministry of Civil Aviation to grant Egyptian families abroad a package of discounts for passengers on “Fly Egypt” to and from all countries in the world.

It also includes discounts on Wife fares up to 25%, child ticket prices reduced by 33% for two children, and inclusive children reduced to 15 years old instead of 11 years old. In contrast, the main passenger for family and individual tickets use the company’scompany’s normal advertised price. 

The Minister of Immigration affirmed that we believe in discussing and implementing serious and distinctive proposals for Egyptians abroad. We have come a long way in designing the Egyptians Abroad app. Soha Gendi said the app will address all the opportunities and incentives for Egyptians abroad. 

A protocol was signed in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to launch an electronic app for Egyptians abroad that includes all electronic services.

The Minister of Immigration explained that we are keen to strengthen the national identity of Egyptians abroad through the events of the presidential initiative “Speak Arabic” and connecting children and youth with their roots, download it via mobile phone, whether it is Android or iPhone, through the following links, Android:, iPhone:

As well as the meetings of the children of the second and third generations to learn about their history and civilization, to introduce them to a real revival in national projects, and to connect young researchers to the homeland, to contribute to sustainable development plans in the New Republic, through the activities of the Centre of Immigration for Dialogue MEDCE, which allows Egyptian youth to register abroad via the link: https://medcegypt.

She has pointed to the ministry’sministry’s focus on training for employment, continuous efforts to cooperate with partners and coordinating the provision of safe and rewarding job opportunities for our youth abroad, whether in the EU, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands and other countries, alongside training and rehabilitation services for youth and providing alternatives to illegal immigration through the centre Egyptian German for jobs, immigration and reintegration.

On his part, Ambassador Samih Al-Ghamrawy, head of the Egyptian delegation to Pakistan, said that Egyptian diplomats abroad put the interest of Egyptians abroad at the forefront of their interests. 

The Ambassadors and Consulate were keen to solve the challenges and problems Egyptians abroad face.

In the exhibition to answer the questions of Egyptians abroad, the Minister of Immigration explained that the ministry’sministry’s team is working around the clock to receive and solve the problems of Egyptians abroad. 

The Ministry of Immigration is keen to build an expert database to benefit from their experience in national projects.

At the end of the meeting, Ambassador Soha Gendi explained that we are working on including electronic signatures in the application of Egyptians Abroad, which would facilitate such problems, referring to the initiative “An Hour with the Minister”. 

It was concluded that the initiative aimed at communicating directly with Egyptians around the world and listening to various opinions and suggestions; it is certain that the opinions and suggestions of Egyptians abroad are of interest, And a study to see what can be done about it. 


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