Egypt: "Samer Theatre" reopens after decades of lockdown, celebrating June 30 revolution || image credits: Ministry of Culture

Egypt: The Minister of Culture, Nevine Al Kilani and Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza Governorate, have reopened the “Samer Theatre” after more than 30 years of lockdown. The inauguration took place as part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations of the Ministry of Culture for the June 30 Revolution.

On her part, Minister Nevine Al Kilani noted that “The authority has prepared a specialized program for heritage and popular performances relevant to the history of the theatre”. We have all the support to return to the stage, she added.


The updates have stated that the theatre was opened as part of the Ministry of Culture’s celebrations commemorating the 10th anniversary of the June 30th Revolution.

Egypt: “Samer Theatre” reopens after decades of lockdown, celebrating June 30 revolution

The ceremony was performed by Nevine Al Kilani, Minister of Culture, and Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, who opened the “Summer Theatre” at the old age after completing its development and efficiency operations, more than 30 years of lockdown.

“Today we are returning to Egyptian culture publicly, and the Egyptian theatre in particular, one of the theatrical theatres, after a hiatus that lasted for almost 31 years,” said Nevin Al-Kilani, Minister of Culture. She further confirmed that her return to work confirms the ministry’s progress in achieving its strategy towards developing the infrastructure of cultural institutions, alongside its strategy of building and achieving human beings.

Egypt: “Samer Theatre” reopens after decades of lockdown, celebrating June 30 revolution

The Minister of Culture clarified that the body had prepared a specialized program for heritage and popular performances that are appropriate for the history of the theatre, its fans and fans.

On his part, the Governor of Giza expressed his happiness with the opening of the theatre; he is assured that since the foundation stone was laid for the redevelopment, the Governor has worked to humiliate all obstacles and provided all forms of support, so that this cultural statement will return to the theatre in Giza, on the scheduled time.

Egypt: “Samer Theatre” reopens after decades of lockdown, celebrating June 30 revolution

In his speech, Amr Al-Bassouni, the head of the General Authority for Castles of Culture, said, “I am pleased to meet together at this distinguished moment in the history of one of the most important expressions of Egyptian culture in his new dress”.


Furthermore, he also emphasized that with all that it carries from my creative history, Samer represents an important and influential chapter in the Egyptian art and theatre movement. I do not exaggerate this moment. It is a feast for Egyptian culture.

He also added that “The opening of the Samer Theatre comes to emphasize a clear approach, in accordance with the visions and plans of the New Republic aimed at building man, since the development of consciousness and thought and preserving the Egyptian identity are the basis of cultural work”.

While mentioning the importance of theatre Samer, he pointed out that “It is a great lighthouse that is restored and in the best form to complete its role and message in establishing noble humanitarian principles and values, A new page through which Egypt’s creators shed light on our issues, and express our dreams, aspirations and ideas”.

On his part, artist Hisham Atwa explained that the Samer Theatre had been suspended since the 1990s; his return indicates the Egyptian will in the new republic era, confirming that the state is seeking to build and invest in culture, and indicated that the theatre would host the National Theatre Festival performances, to begin its permanent theatrical production plan then.

Includes the opening ceremony, performances of folk arts teams by the Palace of Culture, a theatre performance by the top stars of the Samer Theatre, parts of the theatre “Like”, and a lyrical performance of a dancer theatre produced by the graduation workshop of trainees of Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate from the “Start Your Dream” project,

The theatre is located in an area of 1800 square meters. It consists of a ground floor, which includes a visitor hall, administrative offices, dressing rooms, a 600-meter theatre hall, and nine 350 spectators. In contrast, the first floor consists of administrative offices, control and drop rooms.

The development works have included:

  • Covering the whole stage.
  • Improving the efficiency of the stage.
  • Equipping it with the latest sound and lighting equipment, alongside the civil protection system according to the latest approved codes.


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