Jordanian PM Bisher Al Khasawneh hosts Iraqi PM for crucial talks in Baghdad
Jordanian PM Bisher Al Khasawneh hosts Iraqi PM for crucial talks in Baghdad || image credits: Jordanian Prime Minister

Jordan: The Prime Minister of Jordan, Bisher Al Khasawneh, has recently held detailed discussions in Baghdad with Iraq’s Prime Minister, Mohammed Shia Al Sudani, over different topics and matters of national concern, along with strengthening mutual ties. Both leaders were accompanied by their respective members of the delegations and oversaw several key concerns.

During the meeting, both sides discussed the fraternal relations that unite the Republic of Iraq and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to emphasize the depth of historical relations between the two sisterly peoples. 


Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh emphasized promoting ways of cooperation to increase the mechanisms of coordination in economic, trade, industrial, security and other spheres within the association of Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al Sudani.

In addition, the discussions were held to promote joint efforts and to achieve strategic integration between the two countries. Both sides emphasized the durability and strategy of the long historical fraternal relationship that links the two sisterly countries, constituting a unique model of strong brotherhood built on respect.

Furthermore, it was noted that the Jordanian and Iraqi nations are matching perspectives and looking forward to more cooperation and common coordination to tackle all challenges and the common desire to develop and strengthen the bilateral relationship towards a welcoming and broader horizon of service for the common interests of both countries The two brothers.

Jordan has emphasized the importance and security of Iraq as a key focus of the region and supported the Iraqi government’s efforts to achieve the ambitions of the Iraqi people after the historic victory of brotherly Iraq over terrorist gangs. Jordan reaffirmed its absolute stand with brotherly Iraq in these efforts.

The sides have researched numerous Arab issues, led by the Palestinian issue, efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis, and emphasized the continued work, coordination, and consultation in their efforts to resolve regional crises and service to Arab issues and interests and achieve security and stability in the region.

Both the PMs stressed the condemnation of the burning of the Holy Qur’an that has sparked memorization and sentiments of Muslims worldwide, demanding countries respect the feelings and sanctities of others and calling on governments to take responsibility in confronting all abusive acts that fuel feelings of hatred and racism.


Iraq emphasized the importance of the historical Hashimic Testament over Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem City and its role in protecting and maintaining their Islamic and Christian Arab identity and the legal and historical situation there.

“The research focused on the mechanisms of increasing the size of trade exchange and the importance of broadening the horizons of cooperation in economic, trade and investment sectors”, said the reports.

In this context, it was also stated that both nations support the role of the private sector in increasing the size of the trade exchange between the two countries in the areas of industry, energy, investment, transport, agriculture, environment, health and education, returning with goodness and benefit to the two sister countries and peoples.

Both sides resolved to emphasize the importance of undermining the barriers in the way of upgrading bilateral relationships and the necessity of joint work towards developing economic and trade associations as a fundamental and supportive focus of these relationships.

It stressed the importance of implementing what was agreed on during the session (29) meetings of the Iraqi Jordanian Joint Committee and the documents signed at the end of its work.

Within the triangular framework, affirmation on taking necessary measures to implement the outputs of the Iraqi, Jordan-Egyptian Tripartite, the last one was held in Baghdad on 2021/6/27 AD and the most important thing is implementing projects and creating partnerships, which means making the most of the Memorandum of Understanding for Industrial Integration (Jordanian, Iraqi, Egyptian) that has been implemented in the three countries.


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