Jordan: Social Solidarity Director hosts religious gatherings for New Hijri year celebrations
Jordan: Social Solidarity Director hosts religious gatherings for New Hijri year celebrations || image credits: Social Solidarity Cooperation

Jordan: The General Director of the Foundation of Social Security, Mohammed Saleh Al-Tarawneh, has recently held a religious ceremony to mark the resolutions of the New Hijri Year (1445 AH). The celebrations were held in the building of general administration, which was attended by many of the foundation’s employees from various departments and branches.

The ceremony began with reading the fragrant verses from the General Director of the Social Security Foundation, Mohamed Saleh Al-Tarawneh, followed by the audience. 


On his part, Sheikh Marouf Rashad Al-Sharif said that this meeting is renewed every year with a breath of faith, floods souls with the depth of peace and washes souls with the fragrance of good love.

In addition, among the altruism that and in a new reading of the religion of mercy, the number of Muslims in the world today reached about (2) billion Muslims, making up a quarter of the world’s population. And by the year 2050, their number will rise to about (3) billion Muslims making up one-third of the world’s population, and in the next fifty years, the number of Muslims will reach Half of the world.

“The flag was raised in the name of attendance and the institution’s staff all to the position of the King and his trustworthy, the highest verses of congratulation and blessing on this good occasion that is fragrant on our hearts”, said the Social Security Director.

In the turn of Hamdi Murad, that on this fragrant occasion, said, “Whose companion is the best prayer and submission, we remember some of the verses and sermons that form important titles in the life of Muslims, and what is reflected on humanity as a whole, especially in the shadow of our blessed hashish leadership and our leader, the grandson of the Prophet, King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, and his faithful guardian.”

Morad added that this occasion affirms that the truth of Islam is mediocrity, moderation, security, love, tolerance and peace, and it is a religion of honour and dignity, calling wisdom, good preaching, and arguing which is best. 

He further emphasized that it is the religion of mercy to the world. It is God’s message to our Master Muhammad, صلى الله عليه وسلم, saying, “We have sent you nothing but mercy to the worlds.” She came to form a good and secure society where Muslim and non-Muslims live and establish equality in the citizen.


“Surely, on this fragrant occasion, we remember his great morals that Allah described as “you are a great creature” and as peace is upon him, said, “I love you to the noblest of morals,” said Morad.

Moreover, Morad stated that society is in great need at this time, and we are in the rehab of this Jordanian organization called social security, which initiated this ceremony to remind us of cohesion and solidarity between people.

At the end of the ceremony, the General Manager of the foundation, Mohamed Saleh Al-Tarawneh, honoured Hamdi Murad and Sheikh Marouf Rashad Al-Sharif for participating in the foundation’s ceremony on this occasion.


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