Jordan: Minister of State Ibrahim Al-Jazi hosts ceremony to honours civil service award winners
Jordan: Minister of State Ibrahim Al-Jazi hosts ceremony to honours civil service award winners || image credits: Prime Ministry of Jordan

Jordan: Under the directives of Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh, Minister of State for Prime Minister Affairs Dr Ibrahim Al-Jazi, on Sunday, June 25, 2023, hosted a ceremony to honour the winners of the Perfect Civil Service Award in its fourteenth session of 2023.

As per the reports, Ibrahim Al-Jazi said in a speech given to the Prime Minister that King Abdullah II’s visions in developing the concepts of the political, economic, and public sector vision of the state are being realized through an integrated administrative reform and renewal program. 


He noted that the government had approved the roadmap for the public sector renewal to be systematically implemented within defined and clear time frames.

It was pointed out that the development of institutional and individual capabilities in the governmental system and employees are one of the basic requirements to stimulate the national economy. Certainly, it requires the competence and distinctiveness of the employee, and it calls for everyone to establish a stimulating institutional culture for talented employees that focuses on merit, effectiveness, and competence.

On her side, the chairman of the Committee for Selection of the Perfect Employee in Civil Service, former Minister Nisreen Barakat, said that the improvement of the human resource performance in civil service is one of the most important focuses on the roadmap for upgrading the public sector. 

Furthermore, the government began to attract attention in the public sector, believing that the human element is the main engine for implementing programs and initiatives for Administrative, political and economic reform.

She confirmed that the need is called for today, an administrative work model in circles and state institutions by empowering employees to take on responsibilities efficiently and effectively, providing their services with high quality, and strengthening their ability to deal with challenges and rapid changes on all levels, to oversee and plan for the future in advance.

On her part, Barakat explained that the award comes in accordance with modern civil service standards, priorities, and focus and adhering to world best practices in the field. 


She indicated that the award winners’ effort was reflected in the performance and performance of their colleagues in providing services to citizens, as the committee distinguished clearly during the various selection stages.

In his turn, Samih Al-Nasser, Chairman of the Civil Service Council, said that since the launch of the award in 2007 until its date, many important legislative and executive amendments had been introduced to the instructions and regulatory foundations of the Perfect Civil Service Employee Award. 

The amendments aim to streamline its outcomes, indicating that the award focuses on the behavioural and ethics of public service, in addition to excellence in functional performance.

Moreover, around the fourteenth cycle of the award, among the winners that it witnessed a total of 171 employees representing 70 out of 97 governmental departments nominated, 23 employees won in different categories of the award, and almost a third of them work in branches of the departments and governmental institutions in the governorates.

He pointed out that the allocation of a certain percentage of nominations to branch employees was one of the most important amendments made to the award instructions three years ago, given the importance of branch branches in serving local communities and their crucial role in the success of the ownership guidelines in the transition to administrative decentralization.

It follows those 20 ministries, departments, and governmental institutions have not participated in more than five previous courses during the period (from the sixth course of 2013 to the fourteenth course of 2022), which leads to the incentives of their employees being denied to compete and win the prize with their colleagues in other departments.

Al-Nasser confirmed the presence of distinguished circles had won more than ten courses, including the National Centre for Agricultural Research and the Ministry of Education, expressing his hope to include these leading experiments in all governmental circles and that the percentage of participation in the award in the upcoming courses would reach 100 per cent in governmental circles.

He won first place in the leadership category, engineer Shaza Qadesat from the National Resource Investment Foundation, and in the creativity and innovation category, engineer Dhaylah from the National Centre for Cyber Security.  

The supervisory category is Dr Majed Al-Hawsha from the Ministry of Agriculture. The speciality category is pharmaceutical category, Yara Al-Hadadeen from the Ministry of Health; the second category is Mason Taha from the Ministry of Education, and the support category is Mohannad Abu Khamis from the Vocational Training Foundation


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