June 24, 2021

U.N Issues a Warning Against the Great Barrier Reef’s Status, Australia Pays no Heed

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After the United Nations reports that Australia is not doing enough to protect it from the effects of climate change, the Great Barrier Reef may lose its prestigious World Heritage status. Australia, which attracts millions of tourists and beach tourists to snorkel every year, vowed […]

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Travel restrictions to Canada and Mexico through land borders extended to 21 July by the USA

The U.S Department of Homeland Security said on Sunday that the land borders between the U.S. and Canada and Mexico will be closed for non-essential travel at least until July 21. The 30-day extension came after Canada announced an extension of the requirements on Friday. […]

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Google is Working on a Service Similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone

The latest beta version of Play Services was released last night, showing that Google is developing a search network function called Spots on “My Device”, which is used by Android phones to track other devices. In this post, I decompiled the latest version of the […]

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Google is revising how ads affect people on the web, here are the latest developments

This is a very common thing: when you search for Cancun flights on Google or visit Nike to find new running shoes, ads will follow you online. Most of the tracking is achieved through a cookies-a small piece of code that jumps out of the […]

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1 dead and12 injured near Phoenix drive-by shooting scene!

A random drive-by shooting spree in the suburbs northwest of Phoenix has left one person dead, three others shot, and another nine treated for minor injuries. On Thursday afternoon, police in Surprise, Arizona, announced that officers had stopped the suspected shooter’s vehicle and that a […]

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China sends astronauts in space for the first time since 2016 to build its own space station

On Thursday, a Chinese rocket lifted off from a launchpad in the Gobi Desert, sending three astronauts to an orbital space station under construction in China for a historic mission. On the second floor of the Long March, fire and huge dust could be seen […]

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Delta Strain, Now a ‘Variant of Concern’ accounts for 10 percent of new U.S cases!

According to a new research, the coronavirus variant known as Delta, which was initially found in India, virtually doubles the chance of hospitalization compared to the alpha strain. The CDC has upgraded the designation of a coronavirus variant first found in India to a “variant […]

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Having Gathered Support From the West, President Biden Heads to Geneva for the Putin Showdown

President Joe Biden flew to Geneva on Tuesday, followed by a lengthy and controversial meeting with Vladimir Putin, which was the cornerstone of his European trip and aimed to demonstrate Western unity before major summits. Biden has been consulting with other leaders, national security advisers, […]

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Paris Jackson Says Paparazzi Caused Her Long-Term Trauma!

Michale Jakckson’s daughter Paris Jackson revealed that she suffers from long-term anxiety and trauma due to being subjected to numerous paparazzi camera clicks since she was a child during her appearance on “Red Table Talk.” “I have auditory hallucinations with camera clicks and acute paranoia, […]

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Facebook Just Acquired Fortnite’s Equivalent in the VR Gaming Genre

Facebook acquired another popular virtual reality game developer and announced on Friday that BigBox VR, creator of the battle royale VR game Population: One, will join Oculus Studios.  “POP: ONE just entered the virtual reality scene nine months ago and has been rated as one […]

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