May 11, 2021

drew barrymore

Drew Barrymore Revealed a Tattoo With a ‘Special Meaning’ On Her Talk Show

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Drew Barrymore is celebrating Mother’s Day with a tattoo on television.  The 46-year-old actress delivered a special message to her daughter in her daughter’s emotional clip “Drew Barrymore Show”: “Home is where we are.” Thursday.  Barrymore said she came up with this phrase and has […]

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The Co-Founder of Vans Shoes, Paul Van Doren, Dies Aged 90

The shoemaker’s parent company said on Friday that Paul Van Doren, co-founder of the Vans brand, passed away at the age of 90. News of the death has yet to be announced.  Canvas shoes with a vulcanized rubber sole became part of the casual dress […]

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Google Home
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As Mother’s Day Comes Nearer, The Google Assistant Gets a New Family Broadcast Feature

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend, so in order to make it easier for family members to organize to participate in the celebration, Google has provided some new Google Assistant features for this, including ” family radio “. Although users can now use the […]

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A simulation of an asteroid headed for earth by NASA brings some bad news for us

In a disaster movie, game, or television show, the news of an asteroid heading toward Earth is always shocking. Depending on the circumstances of history, it may take a few days or several months for the planet’s population to prepare for the inevitable. Things always […]

olympia dukakis
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Dolly Parton and Sally Field remember Olympia Dukakis with a touching tribute

Dolly Parton and Sally Field commemorate their “Steel Magnolia” co-star Olympia Dukakis, who died Saturday at the age of 89. Parton said in a statement shared with Hoy: “I am very sorry to hear that Olympia Dukakis has passed away.” “She has always been one […]

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Google Pixel
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Google’s Pixel 6 smartphone might come with a new feature that challenges the Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12

The Pixel 6 is coming soon and is expected to show up at Google IO 2021. Now it looks like it will be equipped with a key technology found in competing phones (like the iPhone 12). The controversial technology is support for ultra-wideband (UWB). Both […]

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Apple’s New Privacy Policies May Affect Alibaba’s Business

With the arrival of iOS 14.5 and the App Tracking Transparency highlight, various organizations that have advertisement-based organizations have been getting worried as Apple’s security strategies currently let clients quit being followed by outsider applications. A week ago, Alibaba Group welcomed some showcasing heads to […]

Deepfake Satellite
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Satellite Images That are Deepfaked May Pose Serious Challenges to the Military

It’s grounded that deepfake pictures of individuals are risky, however, it’s currently more clear that sham satellite symbolism could likewise address a danger. The Verge reports that University of Washington-drove analysts have built up an approach to produce deepfake satellite photography as a feature of […]

Gulf Coast Storm
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Severe Weather in the Gulf Coast Claims Two Lives

After severe storms hit parts of the Gulf Coast, at least two people were killed, several people were hospitalized, and many homes and businesses were destroyed.  CBS News affiliate KSLA-TV reported that 28-year-old Jose Higareda was killed in Palmetto, Louisiana. On Saturday morning, a tornado […]

Viola Davis
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Viola Davis Requires no Validation as She Gets Nominated for the Oscars for the Fourth Time

Here’s the muddled thing about that much of the time rehashed detail about Viola Davis and all her Oscar assignments. On the off chance that you hadn’t heard, she is the most-named Black entertainer ever, with four. Furthermore, as she has shared, and I’m rewording, […]