Egyptian Minister Ashraf Sobhi meets representative of UN Fund for Joint Cooperation Research
Egyptian Minister Ashraf Sobhi meets representative of UN Fund for Joint Cooperation Research (image courtesy: facebook)

Egypt: Presidency of the Egyptian Council of Ministers shared the glimpse of the meeting of the Minister of Youth and Sports – Dr Ashraf Sobhi with the representative of United Nations Fund for Joint Cooperation Research.

As per the update, the meeting was held at the ministry headquarters in the administrative capital. Dr Ashraf Sobhi – Youth and Sports Minister, Frederica Meyer – representative of the United Nations Population Fund in Egypt met at the headquarters of the ministry in the government district in the new administrative capital; to discuss a number of joint work files between the fund and the ministry, and look to enhance joint cooperation in the coming period.


The meeting discussed fruitful cooperation between the Ministry and the Fund and the new collaboration in the Guardian Girls Karate initiative and also discuss the arrangements and timing of the launch of the Ministry’s National Youth and Adult Strategy, in cooperation with the UNPF and the Arab Institute for Preparation of Leaders in the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, and discuss the UNPF’s support for a unit Policies and business development in the ministry for facilitation.

As per the official update, the meeting also approached to discuss the institutionalization of resident clubs, progress made in the Safe Spaces Program, drafting a national working framework for peace and security for youth under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth.

The Youth and Sports Minister affirmed that the Egyptian state under the reign of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is keen on the community participation of all institutions in the Egyptian society, and to expand to promote cooperation with international institutions that support youth and create in their different programs, starting from a national role that benefits society in six areas.

Dr Sobhi expressed his appreciation for the great efforts made in Egypt by the United Nations Population Fund, citing the fruitful and constructive cooperation between the Ministry and the Fund in various programs carried out throughout the year, especially in the qualification of youth for the job market and sharpening their skills, as the Ministry, through multiple partnerships, works to achieve Exploitation of the largest number of young people.

Moreover, for her part, Frederica Meyer, the representative of the United Nations Population Fund in Egypt, emphasized the importance of the Fund’s partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, citing the noteworthy development the ministry is seeing through supporting and empowering many successful youth models, thanking the Egyptian government, represented in the ministry, for its constant and ongoing support with the Fund.

The meeting was attended the member of Ministry of Youth and Sports: Major General Ismail Alfar, President of the Youth Sector, Dr Abdullah Al-Batash, Assistant Minister for Youth Policy and Development, Manal Gamal, Head of the Central Administration for Youth Empowerment, Muhammad Abdel Nabi, Head of Central Administration for Youth Cities, Mustafa Majdi Assistant Minister for Youth Politics and Development, Mustafa Ezz Arab, Assistant Minister for Community Development Culture.


Along with this, from the fund side: Manal Eid – Youth Program Manager, Sally Zahni – Safe Spaces Program Manager participated in the meeting.


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