Jordan Public Security congratulates athletes on historic achievements
Jordan Public Security congratulates athletes on historic achievements (image credits Facebook)

Jordan: The Directorate of Jordan Public Security has extended the heartiest congratulations to Jordanian athletes on their historic achievements with the national teams. The sportsmen participated in a range of sporting events, such as boxing, badminton, taekwondo etc., and brought glory and pride to the nation.

It was stated that the national teams were praised for achieving many historical and special international achievements in recent times. The Public Security Department also confirmed its ongoing support to athletes of high role and determination, and in cooperation with all concerned parties, expressing its gratitude in this field for the efforts made by the Jordanian Olympic Committee.


The Jordanian Olympics, headed by Prince Faisal bin Hussein, and the sports associations for preparing, preparing and upgrading the players have been showcasing their support regarding the enhancement of the sports industry in the country.

Jordan Public Security congratulates athletes on historic achievements

In the sport of boxing, the boxer of the national team and public security “Mohamed Abu Jaja” managed to nail the bronze medal at the World Boxing Championship, registering the first medal in the history of Jordan’s participation in the world championship.

The Asian champion boxer Abu Jaja scored three victories that qualified him for the semi-finals before he was defeated by the Cuban player to get the bronze medal in the championship that is held in the Uzbek capital Tashkent with the participation of (538) players representing (107) countries.

In badminton sports, the player of the national team and the general security team of badminton Baha Al-Shenik achieved a historic achievement by qualifying for the World Championship, which take place in Denmark next August.

Jordan Public Security congratulates athletes on historic achievements

Shanik earned a well-deserved qualification card to become the first player to qualify for the World Championship competitions in the individual category after achieving many distinctive results. Al-Shenik also placed in the international ranking of the game 14 points to be in the (88) position globally and the first Arab as the best centre achieved by a Jordanian player in badminton.

In the Paralympic Games, the runner of the National Paralympic Team and Public Security, Nabil, achieved the golden interview of the Italian International Championship “Grand Prize”, which is held by (496) players and female players representing (65) countries.


The interview was successful with a race distance of (1500) meters and a time of (4:24), four minutes and twenty-four seconds, amidst fierce competition between the best runners.

Taekwondo and boxing players in general also showed significant superiority and progress in the international rankings for both sports, with the national and public security player Juliana Sadiq taking the lead in the international taekwondo rankings under (67) kg as the first Arab player to reach the international rankings.

Whereas the player “Zaid Al-Halwani”, the national and public security team player, came in second position with a weight under (68) kg, and the player “Saleh Al-Sherbati”, the national team and public security player, came in fourth place with a weight below (80) kg.

While boxer Ziad Ashish topped the ranking of world players in weight (71) kg, Muhammad Abu Gaja was promoted to fourth position globally in weight (60) kg, Hussein Ashish came in 11th position in weight (91) kg, Adi Hindawi 14th globally in weight (86) kg, and Youssef Ashish took 23rd position globally in weight (57) kg, while Ibada came 28th position globally for the weight (63,5)kg.


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