MCIT represents Egypt at 'Personal Data Protection Week 2023' in Singapore
MCIT represents Egypt at 'Personal Data Protection Week 2023' in Singapore || image credits: MCIT

Egypt: The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has recently participated and represented the Republic of Egypt in the conference held as part of the “Personal Data Protection Week 2023.” 

The conference was commemorated from July 18 to 21, 2023, in Singapore and organized by the Singapore Data Protection Centre (SDPC). The conference was being held under the slogan “Encouraging innovation with credible data”.


According to the latest information, the updates were shared through the official social media handle of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Egypt. 

While sharing the same, the ministry’s officials noted that “Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, is participating in the conference “Personal Data Protection Week 2023.”

Furthermore, it was also added that the conference was held as a four-day event. It hosted several government officials and experts in the field of digital field and Artificial Intelligence in particular.

In addition, “The event was hosted by the Singapore Data Protection Center from July 18 to 21 in Singapore. The event follows the International Association of Privacy Specialists in Asia Privacy Forum”, said the reports.

The event agenda includes a series of thought-leading sessions, panel discussions that bring together industry pioneers and workshops to discuss the latest updates and innovations in data protection. 

The conference is also attended by a number of expert houses and top global companies and experts to share insights on harnessing the power of trusted data to develop business in an increasingly data-dependent world.


During the conference, the adviser to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology to Data Governance participates in the conference activities. The event covered several topics during the discussions, including transforming businesses using data and artificial intelligence,

Moreover, the event also discussed challenges facing the data transfer process, managing cross-border transfers, maintaining and protecting personal identity, government framework for reproductive AI systems, and protecting children by protecting privacy, security, and content safety.

Notably, the Data Protection Centre is responsible for personal data protection issues in Singapore. Each year the Centre organizes Personal Data Protection Week, which provides a platform for an intensive dialogue about the latest developments and innovations in data protection and data technology.


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