Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit embraces Electoral System Review for fairness and transparency
Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit embraces Electoral System Review for fairness and transparency || image credits: PM Roosevelt Skerrit

Dominica: Dr Roosevelt Skerrit – The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica has issued an update regarding the progress and planning of five (5) primary schools to be constructed in the country, including one (1) Goodwill Secondary School. Prime Minister issued the statement during a recently held press conference on Thursday, May 01, 2023.

According to recent updates, it has been reported that Prime Minister Skerrit has addressed a number of topics, issues, and future pathways to be followed by the Government of Dominica. During the press conference, PM Skerrit noted several key factors related to the topics as they extended the updates to the residents and citizens of the Caribbean country.


In addition, while sharing the information, he took to his official social media handle. He noted, “I provided an update on the planned construction of six (6) schools, including the Goodwill Secondary School, at Thursday’s press conference.” Furthermore, in his remarks, PM Skerrit added, “The construction project will be funded by the authorities of the People’s Republic of China.”

In this regard, he also extended his heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness to the funding authorities of the Republic of China. He also expressed that the education authorities and government of Dominica are grateful to them for extending their support and assistance in constructing the primary and secondary schools.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister of the nature island also shared the names of the five (5) primary schools to be constructed in the nation, such as Thibaud, Tete Morne, Calibishie, Bellevue Chopin and Sineku. He outlined that out of the six schools, a secondary school is also finalized to be constructed, named Goodwill Secondary School.

As per the updates shared by the Prime Minister, it has also been confirmed that the schools are currently on course and planned to be built before the end of 2023. Meanwhile, he extended his remarks and recalled that the recent conversation was held between the government of Dominica and Chinese authorities on May 19, 2023.

The conversation was held to discuss the progress of the projects and outlined that it is currently in the tendered stage and close to beginning the construction progress. 

“In preparation for the construction activity, the Government of Dominica will very shortly finalize the temporary relocation of the students for the duration of the construction period,” said Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. The Prime Minister further issued updates concerning the demolition of the nearby buildings at some of the sites of construction, including at the Goodwill Secondary School. 


Moreover, he also mentioned the efforts and hard work done by the government of Dominica; he asserted that the government has been working diligently to repair and rebuild the school, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Maria.

“I look forward to adding the six schools to the list,” he noted. Additionally, the Prime Minister also mentioned, “Indeed, I am sure the people of these communities are quite relieved to hear that the construction of these facilities will commence very soon.” He outlined that the communities are excited about the construction projects of the six schools and especially the Goodwill Secondary School.


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