Egypt: Public Works Minister assures to work to promote subsidiary companies, green transformation
Egypt: Public Works Minister assures to work to promote subsidiary companies, green transformation || Picture Courtesy: Facebook

Egypt: The Egyptian Council of Ministers Presidency has shared an update regarding the Supreme Committee meeting on Energy and Hydrogen between Egypt and Germany. The government organisation, following the conclusion of the meeting, shared a statement issued by the Ministry of Public Business.

According to the update, during the meeting Minister of Public Business of Egypt stated that many subsidiary projects are supportive of green growth.


Eng. Mahmoud Esmat, Minister of Public Works, further mentioned that Incentives and facilitations for green hydrogen production projects and we strive to attract more investments in this field. He also confirmed that the ministry, through its subsidiary companies, is taking serious steps towards the green transformation and promoting the use of clean energy sources, in line with state efforts and global orientation in combating climate change, transition to a green and sustainable economy, and conserving natural environmental resources.

This came during the speech delivered by Eng. Asmat during the first meeting of the High-Level Guidance Committee on Energy and Green Hydrogen between Egypt and Germany, organised by the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce in cooperation with the German Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection.

The state is keen to provide maximum incentives and facilitations to green hydrogen production projects to attract more investment in this important sector, especially in light of the recommendations of the climate conference “COP 27” hosted by Sharm El Sheikh last November; certainly, green hydrogen will have a role A massive global energy transformation, which is necessary to develop new and renewable energy, protect the environment and reduce CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, Eng. Asmat pointed out a number of projects in diverse industrial sectors by companies in the framework of the transformation towards the green economy, including green ammonia projects, where a memorandum of understanding was signed to establish a new plant in Suez for the production of green ammonia at 1000 tons/day, in partnership with the private sector, and revitalisation of production was also being studied Green ammonia in the Egyptian chemical industries company “Kima”, founded in 1956 and was the pioneer in the production of green ammonia.

It added that negotiations are underway with investors and companies working in the field to reach a partnership in generating electricity through renewable energy sources such as wind, as well as a new project to improve the efficiency of the dust collection and emissions control system to keep up with the second phase of the Delta Steel Company 250 rehabilitation. One thousand tonnes, Egypt Aluminum Company’s current refinery rehabilitation project, which will raise current energy production from 260,000 tonnes/year to design energy of 320,000 tons/year, with an expected investment of $300 million, Al-Nasr Automotive Co. has also begun producing natural gas-powered buses in accordance with European emissions standards.

As per the update, in the tourism and hotel sector, Eng. Mahmoud Esmat said Muffenbec Resort in Aswan, a hotel owned by the Ministry of Public Works Egoth, has received a Green Globe certificate as a supportive resort for the transformation to the green economy, organic farming, recycling, plastic disposal, and a number of other hotels are operating In this frame like (winter palace in Luxor, and cataract Aswan)


In the end, Eng. Mahmoud Esmat confirmed that Egypt and Germany have a close partnership to mitigate the effects of climate change under the partnership project for hydro chine production and securing energy supplies through new carbon-emission-free sources.


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