Egypt: EM Yasmin Fouad tours new building of Ministry's office
Egypt: EM Yasmin Fouad tours new building of Ministry's office (image credits Facebook)

Egypt: The Minister of Environment, Dr Yasmin Fouad, has conducted an inspection tour at the Ministry’s building before transferring the Environment Ministry office to the new administrative capital. During her visit, she was accompanied by the leaders of the Ministry and inspected the required equipment and resources in the new office.

On her part, Minister Yasmin Fouad cited that the visit was conducted to learn the nature and new work requirements in the new building of the Ministry of Environment. In addition, she also stresses the necessity to adhere to all organized instructions for working inside a building.


She further outlined that the new Government buildings in the administrative capital keep up with the times and meet digital transformation requirements. 

Minister, Fouad has started some of her work from her new office, following the ongoing preparations for the progressive transfer to the administrative capital in the implementation of the guidelines of the political leadership.

During her inspection visit, she was accompanied by Dr Ali Abu Sunnah, the executive head of the affairs department and Dr Tariq Al-Arabi, the head of the Waste Management Organization, and a group of leaders from various departments of the Ministry and their workers. 

The visit further included a detailed inspection of the building and all the equipment and a presentation of the new work requirements in preparation for the effective transition of the workers of the Ministry of Environment to the administrative capital.

During the tour, Environment Minister, Dr Yasmin Fouad, visited the administrative offices for workers and leaders to ensure their readiness in terms of the number of offices, devices and internet connections to facilitate the workers performing their daily tasks. 

The Minister also checked the halls dedicated to meetings and places dedicated to eating food and drinks, which will be allocated at certain times during work.


“Dr Yasmin Fouad listened to a full explanation of the building’s contents and its logistic and technical equipment from Ms Manar Abu Atta, the head of the Digital Transformation Unit, explaining that the building has the best technologies, and the latest technological systems to keep up with the developments of the era,” said the reports.

Meanwhile, the Minister also listened to the latest updates on the ongoing preparations for the effective transition and how ready the “Ministry” is for that—also working on locating staff, running computers, and continuing to train and qualify the team to complete the digital transformation process for all ministry work.

The Minister stressed the need for all employees in the Ministry to adhere to the official dates for attendance and departure, as well as the scheduled dates for rest and food and drinks, and adhere to all instructions specified by the state and private to operate the building to maintain it. 

They have checked the attendance and departure devices that operate with eye-print, and fingerprint, to operate the status. The presence of any issues

In her remarks, the environment minister further confirmed that the move to the new ministry headquarters would provide a better climate for Work and production, more advanced capabilities and be in line with the requirements of the era that meet the needs of digital transformation. 

The shift will also facilitate creating a suitable working environment, primarily since ministries adjacent to the same place will simplify and speed up work, she added.

Notably, the Environment Minister, Fouad, held an extensive meeting last week with ministry leaders in the presence of the Chief of the Environment and Waste Management Agency to discuss mechanisms to facilitate the transfer of staff to the new administrative capital.


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