Dominica: Melissa Skerrit inaugurates Pebbles Park children playground
Dominica: Melissa Skerrit inaugurates Pebbles Park children playground (image credits Facebook)

Dominica: The Minister of Housing, Land and Development and Parliamentary Representative of Roseau Central Constituency – Melissa Poponne Skerrit, has expressed immense joy regarding the opening of Pebbles Park playground in Dominica. She extended her heartiest gratitude to the Authorities of the People’s Republic of China for their grants and donations for the successful completion of the park.

According to the updates, Melissa Skerrit took to her official social media handle to share the great news of the inaugural pebbles park. In her remarks, she extended that the playground’s construction was long-awaited, which has now been completed and is open for the people of the Commonwealth of Dominica.


While sharing the information, she noted in her Facebook caption, “The long-awaited children’s playground in Peebles Park is officially open! Thank you to The People’s Republic of China for their kind donation of play sets, to the government of Dominica for seeing my vision, and for collaborating in building a safety wall. Thank you for seeing the vision come to life!”

Furthermore, the Minister of Housing for Dominica, Melissa Skerrit, shared a glimpse of the recently held Easter Celebrations at Pebbles Park. She visited the park to greet the children and their families on the special occasion along with the Prime Minister of Dominica and her husband, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit.

During their visit, PM Roosevelt Skerrit and the Parliamentary Representative of Roseau Central Constituency, Melissa Skerrit, interacted with the children and distributed Easter presents and gifts. She inaugurated the Pebbles Park playground on the special occasion of Easter celebrations and extended best wishes to the citizens.

Moreover, while sharing her sense of joy, she acknowledged the vital role played by the Chinese authorities for their donations and equipment provided to the park for children, such as play sets, toys, fun rides etc. Melissa Skerrit further cited that the playground is a result of the sheer will to serve the community of Dominica and provide them with a place to hang out with their loved ones in a safe environment.

She extended her remarks, explained the vision behind the construction of the Pebbles Park playground and noted, “I wanted to create a safe space for our children to socialize and a healthy and fun environment for them to learn and play.

This is just the first of similar fun, interactive and educational children’s spaces to come! My vision extends island-wide with additional playgrounds and public pools.”


“We are in the process of erecting a permanent public restroom, and better lighting is also coming. This will allow the park to be safely open for longer play time for the little ones. The park is currently under 24-hour security watch as safety is, of course, a top priority,” stated Minister of Housing Melissa Skerrit.

 While addressing the opening ceremony held during the Easter celebrations, she pointed out that “Easter Sunday’s successful easter egg hunt and Grand Opening was fantastic! I wish to also thank the Labour Youth Organization and all the other organizers for a job well done!!”


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