Egypt: Minister Hisham Amana reviews governorates' status amid Eid al-Adha celebrations
Egypt: Minister Hisham Amana reviews governorates' status amid Eid al-Adha celebrations || image credits: ministry of local development

Egypt: The Minister of local development and General Hisham Amana, today, Wednesday, June 28, 2023, has made a number of telephone communications with the governors to check the situation in the governorates during the first days of Eid al-Adha celebrations. 

The Minister analyzed the level of readiness in the service sectors, working for the comfort of the citizens and firmly countering any trespassing on agricultural lands and state property.


During telephone communications, the Minister of Local Development congratulated the governors and workers of the governorates’ local administration on the holy Eid al-Adha and the commemoration of the glorious June 30 revolution. 

He wished the Almighty Lord would return these blessed days to the Egyptian people and the political leadership with goodness, right and blessings.

Major General Hisham Amana stressed the importance of intensifying surveillance campaigns in markets and malls during the Eid period; to ensure the availability of main goods and their validity, as well as the periodic monitoring of markets, full supervision of the massacres, providing the necessary kits to operate them, and preventing the slaughter of the suburbs outside it.

The Minister of Local Development also activated the operation rooms and crisis management in the governorates to work around the clock during Eid al-Adha days to deal with emergencies. 

It was said that the officials are advised to communicate directly with the ministry’s operation room and crisis management, to follow all developments of the situation in the governorates.

All the management authorities were also advised to coordinate and communicate with the operation room of the cabinet to deal with emergencies firstly To take the necessary measures in case of an emergency quickly.


General Hisham Amana emphasized the necessity of the field presence of executive commanders in the governorates, especially the service sectors, and to monitor the presence of teams and administrative work groups at a high level of competence throughout the day throughout the blessed Eid al-Adha holiday with service facilities to quickly respond to citizens’ problems and complaints.

He also outlined the importance of the governorate executive bodies to deal firmly with any attempts to take advantage of the Eid holiday to make encroachments on agricultural lands, property, state lands or violating buildings.

The Local change units were activated to monitor any illegal variables, deal with them, and remove them immediately in implementing the instructions of the Chairman of the Council Ministers at the recent Council of Governors meeting.

General Hisham is also assured of the continuous coordination between the executive bodies of the governorates and other relevant services to achieve discipline in the street during the Eid holiday, not to disrupt the queue of the citizens and their joy in the Eid, to work on their comfort, to ensure traffic flow, and to address any violations or occupations in the main and sub streets.

The ministry demanded the Governors conduct field tours throughout the day and throughout the Eid holiday to monitor public parks as a “safe” face the importance of intensifying public hygiene campaigns and lifting garbage piles first and foremost to maintain the health of citizens, especially in places that are crowded during the Eid days.

In the end, Minister appealed to the citizens to contact the ministry’s “Your Voice is Heard” initiative to submit any complaints during the Eid days at via WhatsApp at 01150606783 and also on email at, e.g., to facilitate citizens and to ensure that any complaint is received easily and easily.


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