Iraq's football team emerges as champions, PM Mohd. Shia Al-Sudani receives accolades
Iraq's football team emerges as champions, PM Mohd. Shia Al-Sudani receives accolades || image credits: Iraqi PM media office

Iraq: Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq – Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, has recently received congratulatory messages from the West Asian Football Federation President, Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein for Iraq’s triumphant hosting of the WAFF U-23 Championship, with our football team emerging as the winners.

According to recent information, Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani also expressed his gratitude towards the received messages through the official social media handle of the Media Office of the Prime Minister of Iraq. 


The shared update stated that “Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani receives congratulations from the President of the West Asian Football Federation, Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein for hosting WAFF U-23 Championship.

In addition, the reports have stated that Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein extended his gratitude to the Prime Minister of Iraq Al-Sudani and the government for their invaluable support towards successfully organizing the WAFF U-23 Championship. 

He emphasized that Iraq’s efficient institutions and ability to meet all tournament requirements have made it a preferred host for West Asian Football Federation championships.

Furthermore, the President of the West Asian Football Association highlighted the importance of lifting the long-standing ban on Iraqi stadiums, solidifying the country’s rightful place in hosting sports tournaments. He said it would be an effective way of promoting sports in the country along with outer partnerships.

The President of the West Asian Football Federation commended the Prime Minister’s directives, which have led to immense support from Iraq for the Federation’s activities. 

This support is evident through the repeated hosting of championships and the provision of accompanying sports facilities. The President highlights the high engagement and participation in this tournament at all levels.


In the end, Prince Ali congratulated the Iraqi government and people on the outstanding achievement of our football team winning the championship title. He commended the Prime Minister’s impactful contributions to the development of football and the advancement of the sports and youth sector.

These efforts consistently strengthen Iraq’s international presence and excellence, both globally and within the Arab world, he added.


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