Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa joins Lions Club Seminar on Egyptian tourism development
Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa joins Lions Club Seminar on Egyptian tourism development || image credits: Ministry of Tourism

The Minister of Tourism and Archaeology, Mr Ahmed Issa, has participated in the Lions Club of Hope Cairo, a Lions International seminar about Egyptian tourism and its developments in the local and international arena. The Lions Club are one of the global civil society organizations and service clubs, with over 44,500 clubs worldwide.

The current president attended the seminar, some former governors of these clubs, and a number of members, including Dr Hazem Attayollah, former governor of Fayoum and dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels at Helwan University.


During the seminar, Mr Ahmed Issa reviewed the work plans of the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology to move during the current phase, a sign of the National Strategy for Tourism Development in Egypt and its key highlights, and the innovations witnessed by archaeological work in Egypt.

Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa joins Lions Club Seminar on Egyptian tourism development

The Minister talks about the most prominent components of the tourism industry in Egypt and the role of the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology as an organizer, inspector and authorized to work within the industry and policy maker, signalling the role of the Five Tourist Chambers and the Egyptian Federation of Tourism Chambers as civil business institutions representing the private tourism sector.

Mr Ahmed Issa explained that the tourism industry in Egypt deserves a lot and a lot and that the problem is not in the demand to visit the Egyptian tourist destination, referring to the results of a market study conducted in the previous period. 

Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa joins Lions Club Seminar on Egyptian tourism development

He pointed out that this study has proven that millions of tourists worldwide are willing to visit the destination. Egyptian tourists and potential tourists visiting Egypt are expected to have a good level of satisfaction with the tourist experience, and they are also expected to recommend visiting the Egyptian tourist destination to relatives and friends.

The Minister noted that the study divided these tourists into several key segments, which are the product of cultural tourism, adventure tourism, leisure tourism, family tourism, cultural and recreational tourism together, as well as tourists seeking an integrated, multi-experience tourism experience and styles.

The Minister explained that these key slides represent about 55% of the total number of tourists worldwide, emphasizing that Egypt has an unprecedented competitive advantage to distinguish. Singular it with these different tourist products, signifying that the results of this study are taken into account in all strategies and action plans Ministry over the next period to reach its target industry faster.


Mr Ahmed Issa reviewed the highlights of the strategy to improve the view side of the Egyptian tourist destination, which is greater access to the Egyptian tourist destination and doubling the number of incoming flights to Egypt in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Aviation. 

The strategy also assists in improving the tourist investment climate in Egypt and increasing the number of hotel rooms available in the coming period, as well as Hub on developing the tourist experience by developing the quality of services provided to them with designed tourism purposes.

Mr Ahmed Issa also talked about the Ministry’s plans to collaborate with local and international professional partners. He also referred to the role of the Supreme Council for Archeology as the owner and operator of museums and archaeological sites in Egypt, a scientific, educational awareness institution and an organization for archaeological work in Egypt, which has an important role in archaeology and Egyptology.

In his talk about the Grand Egyptian Museum and what it will offer to humanity and its visitors, a unique museum and tourist experience, noting that it will play a role in enhancing the connection of Egyptians with their ancient Egyptian identity and civilization.

In a question about the opening date of the Grand Egyptian Museum, the Minister clarified that it would be determined at the earliest opportunity. It will be announced before the official opening date in sufficient time to allow the so-called kings, presidents and senior officials from all countries of the world to attend the opening of this great museum.

Following this, a number of questions were discussed and raised to Mr Minister of Tourism and Archaeology by the respected members and attendees. A number of topics were discussed for the promotion of the tourism industry in Egypt. 

It also includes ways to support various civil work institutions for Egypt’s tourism and archaeology sector. The importance of business tourism and conference tourism were also discussed. “The Pyramids of Giza What a great development you are witnessing,” said the Minister. 



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