Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa orders probe on Saudi pilgrim camp
Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa orders probe on Saudi pilgrim camp || image credits: Tourism Ministry

Egypt: The Minister of Tourism and Archaeology, Ahmed Issa, has recognized that the tourist pilgrim camps have been facing some issues during their stay in Saudi Arabia, Moad Mona. Minister Issa has ordered an urgent investigation to determine these problems’ causes and emphasize their incidence during the coming Hajj seasons. 

As per the updates, the Minister of Tourism will take strict legal action against any tourism company behind such issues and inconveniences while addressing the Ministry of Hajj of Saudi Arabia towards those who prove their shortcomings in the Hajj service centre.


It was reported that “The committees of the Ministry’s mission currently in Saudi Arabia observed some problems in the Hajj tourist camps in Moar Mina, including 104 pilgrims who have not found a place in the delegation”. 

Following this, the investigations are under conduct under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology. The ministry aimed to organize the pilgrimage tours and facilitate the tourist during their stay until their return to the country. 

As per Minister Ahmed Issa, it has been said that the ministry has been doing efforts to provide comfort and facilities on their tour. 

Immediately, Samia Sami, the head of the ministry’s central administration for tourism companies and the head of the Egyptian Tourism Hajj Affairs Office, announced a state of the refusal between the mission committees.

“These pilgrims were directed to follow up and resolve this problem as soon as possible, in the framework of the ministry’s keenness to continuously follow up and accompany the conditions of tourism pilgrims until the end of the Proper performance of the Hajj duty”, said the reports. Some centres of the pilgrims’ services need to be improved in performing the agreed service to the pilgrims with Minna’s hair.

The mission has intervened and communicated with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj, which rushed to send a number of its senior officials and solved the problem and obliged the Hajj Service Centers to provide a full-service alternative camp for this Hajj. 


The committees of the Ministry of Tourism and the effects of the presence of the Hajj reassure them, complete the process of settling them and provide all services to them.

On his part, the Minister of Tourism and Archaeology requested an urgent investigation into these problems to be opened to address their causes and confirm their occurrence during the organization of Hajj trips. 

Strict legal action will be taken against any tourism company that proves a lack of the rights of any pilgrims, and the Ministry of Hajj will be addressed. Saudi Arabia is the one who proves its shortcomings in the Pilgrims Service Centres.

In the same context, and the light of the violations observed by the committees of the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology mission in the performance of one of the Saudi companies providing Tawafa services to Egyptian tourist pilgrims. 

Professor Samia Sami formed a committee specialized in managing this crisis, where all the specialized authorities in Saudi Arabia and headed by the Ministry of Hajj.

“Some parties involved in this file are in the kingdom to report these violations and emphasize the necessity of maintaining the compensation of these pilgrims for not providing the services agreed upon with them”. noted Ahmed Issa.

Representatives of these parties have attended the pilgrims’ camps to check on the nature of the matter and the violations on the ground, and many issues have been resolved at that time. By providing alternate venues and assigning them to service providers, they quickly reduce the feedback on some services.

The mission of the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology affirms that the Saudi Ministry of Hajj is doing a lot of effort and cooperation with it in the service of pilgrims and immediate intervention to solve any problems that the pilgrims face throughout the Hajj days, especially in Arafat and Minna.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology had formed a Central Operations Room and a Crisis Room at the headquarters of the Ministry’s Tourism Companies in Cairo to monitor the status of pilgrims of tourism companies in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj season 1444 AH / 2023 AD and works around the clock until the pilgrims return safely to the homeland.

Telephone numbers for the Central Operations Room and the Crisis Room of the Ministry have been provided as (01550008630 – 01550008633), in addition to the ministry hotline 19654. 

The electronic portal of the Cabinet, for speed of communication and response to any inquiries, has been set up with the pilgrims for the assurance of their families and speed of intervention to resolve any crisis or problems they face.


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