HM Khaled Abdel Ghaffar commends 100-day health campaign in Egypt, inspects services
HM Khaled Abdel Ghaffar commends 100-day health campaign in Egypt, inspects services || image credits: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Egypt, Middle East: The Minister of Health and Population, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, has visited the ministry’s headquarters and inspected the 100 days health campaign in Sinhour village today, July 04, 2023. He has commended the level of services and facilities provided to the citizens and residents of Egypt under the campaign.

The reports have stated that the Minister of Health, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, has directed to intensify activities and awareness seminars for family planning services. He has also been aiming to provide protection and comprehensive healthcare to the Egyptian family to continue providing health and therapeutic service to all women.


This came during the Minister of Health and Population inspection, the headquarters of the 100 Days of Health Campaign, Sinhour Tribal Village, a subsidiary of the Sinours Center, in Fayoum Governorate.

During his visit, he was accompanied by Dr Ahmed Al-Ansari, Governor of Fayoum, in order to monitor performance indicators and regularize the system of work within the national campaign in line with performance rates since the campaign began.

On his part, Hossam Abdul Ghaffar, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Health and Population, indicated that the Minister began his tour by checking cars and mobile medical caravans. He ensured the full presence of all medical teams in various specialities and the strategic stock availability of medicines and medical supplies.

Furthermore, the Minister of Health emphasized the periodic maintenance of medical devices included in the campaign and reassured him that The ambulances are stationed and ready to provide the necessary ambulance services.

“The campaign aims to provide various advanced medical and drug examination services to residents of Sinhour village and neighbouring areas,” said the Health Minister. The official spokesman said the campaign aims to provide early medical examinations as part of the President of the Republic’s initiative for medical examinations for the newly married.

The Minister added that the inspection of cars and mobile clinics of the President’s initiatives for (Supporting women’s health, the early detection of cancer, and the President’s initiative for early detection and treatment of dysfunction and hearing loss are one of the major factors among the initiatives.


¬†Moreover, he also outlined the importance and roles of community and communication teams in spreading health awareness. The Ministry of Health has been intensifying citizens’ awareness of the goals during the Free the Cost campaign.

He stressed the need to rectify early health issues and promote self-assurance, based on the medical services provided through the campaign and the arrangement of medical teams throughout the campaign working hours, from 9 am to 9 pm.

Abdul Ghaffar said that the total beneficiaries of the medical services of the campaign in the governorate are 18 thousand and 829 residents from villages and adjacent areas of Sinhour. 

Minister cited the importance of the campaign headquarters, given its geographical location that serves a large population, where it felt necessary to prepare a periodic report and present it directly daily for performance follow-up and evaluation.

During his tour, the Minister was accompanied by Dr Ahmed Saafan, head of the therapeutic medicine sector in the ministry, Dr Wael Abdul Razzaq, head of the primary care sector, Dr Hatem Gamal, spokesman of the Ministry of Health in Fayoum, Dr Amr Rashid, head of the Egyptian Ambulance Authority, and Dr Mohamed Nadi, head of the Central Department for Medical Affairs.


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