Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa joins forces with South Sinai Governor to boost tourism
Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa joins forces with South Sinai Governor to boost tourism || image credits: Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology

Egypt: The Minister of Tourism and Archaeology, Ahmed Issa, met at the Ministry’s headquarters in the new administrative capital with Major General Khaled Fouda, the Governor of South Sinai. 

The meeting aimed to look for ways to enhance the cooperation between the Ministry and the governorate in the coming period to promote tourism in a greater way for the governorate and the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, in particular, to drive more tourists to visit it.


The shared updates by the Ministry noted on its official social media handle that “The Minister of Tourism and Archaeology meets the governor of South Sinai to look for ways to boost tourism promotion of Sharm El-Sheikh city in the coming period”.

Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa joins forces with South Sinai Governor to boost tourism

The meeting was attended by Professor Ghada Shalaby, Deputy Minister for Tourism; Dr Ahmed Ghanim, Executive Director of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization; Professor Amr Al-Qazi, Executive Director of the Egyptian General Board for Tourism Activation; Professor Yamuna Al-Bahar, Assistant Minister for Technical Affairs and Ministerial Office Affairs, Major General Mohamed Shair Assistant Secretary General of the Governor, and Counsellor Walid Al-Sabaai The legal counsel to the Governor.

During the meeting, discussions agreed on forming a joint team of specialists from the Ministry and the governorate to formulate a joint promotional plan for Sharm El-Sheikh by implementing an agenda of diverse international and local events. 

The events will include tourism, cultural, artistic, sporting events and others to highlight the tourist products and resorts there.

It was also added that the events would attract all tourists from around the world and caters to all tourist tastes and interests; in addition to identifying the attractions to hold such events in the city and determining the quality of the offers that will be presented, in line with the preferences of tourists from the major tourist markets that are a source of the movement.

On his part, Ahmed Issa expressed the readiness of the full Ministry to harness all its potential to cooperate to promote the city of Sharm El-Sheikh in a larger way, referring to the importance of holding such various events as an important attraction for the Egyptian tourist destination and contribute to promoting the entertainment distance in the tourist experience in Egypt and enriching tourism programs For the tourists.


The Minister explained that the Ministry is currently implementing a joint work plan to promote the product of entertainment cultural tourism by holding many events and events at various tourist and archaeological sites across the republic.

During the meeting, the Governor expressed his happiness with the tourism industry in Egypt, which has achieved significant positive indicators in the number of tourist movement that has come to it during the past period, emphasizing the importance of construction.

Furthermore, the city of Sharm El-Sheikh has witnessed a tremendous boom and a significant development in infrastructure, especially what has been synchronized with Hosted the 27th UN Climate Change Conference COP27 last November; it became a clean, green, eco-friendly global tourist city that conserves natural resources, regulation and environmental sustainability.

In the end, the Governor mentioned his meeting yesterday with the state of Prime Minister, during which he referred to the coordination and cooperation with the Ministry to launch and promote a marketing initiative for the city of Sharm El-Sheikh to increase the volume of tourist flow to it.


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