Egypt: 121,000 students appear for ability test, says Minister Ayman Ashour 
Egypt: 121,000 students appear for ability test, says Minister Ayman Ashour || image credits: Ministry of Education

Egypt: The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research – Ayman Ashour, has recently confirmed the participation of 121 thousand students in the ability tests held by the Egyptian Universities for the new academic year 2023-2024. 

The tests have been provided to high school students seeking to enrol in national universities where they must appear for the qualifying aptitude tests.


According to the terms and rules of admission issued by the Supreme Council of the Universities, Minister of Higher Education Ayman Ashour said that the Ministry is working to facilitate students and boost the digital transformation efforts of all state agencies in all fields and services. 

He added that the Ministry had allowed students to register their desire to perform aptitude tests electronically via the website

In addition, Mustafa Refaat, Secretary of the Supreme Council of Universities, has updated the Student Manual for Aptitude Tests, which includes the procedures, rules, nature and duration of those tests. 

The Council has also prepared an illustrative video for Aptitude tests, indicating the Supreme Committee’s continued supervision and follow-up to conduct aptitude tests In universities.

Furthermore, a sign from the Centre for Electronic and Cognitive Services entrusted the Council to print and distribute the tests to the deans of participating colleges and coordinate with universities regarding the test’s procedures.

The head of the education sector in the Ministry of higher education and scientific research and the general supervisor for the work of the coordination office mentioned that the number of applicants from Egyptian public high school students for the ability tests today Saturday reached so far 121 thousand students on the online coordination website for the new academic year 2023-2024.


The head of the education sector warned that the online coordination website continues to receive student wishes to take aptitude tests until next Thursday, August 3, indicating that the site is available to students 24 hours a day.

On the other hand, the Media Advisor and official spokesman of the Ministry, Adel Abdul Ghaffar, said that the aptitude tests in all universities are being conducted regularly with the supervision of the university presidents.

Moreover, the direct supervision of the deputy presidents of the universities for education and students was also empowered in the presence of faculty leaders, including deans, faculty representatives and faculty members.

The official spokesman clarified that the faculties that are required to pass the aptitude tests as a condition for enrolment for the academic year 2024-2023 include:

– Faculties of fine arts (arts – architecture)

– Faculties of applied arts in universities (Helwan – Damietta – Benha Bani Suef)

– Faculty of Music Education in Zamalek University of Helwan

– Faculty of Technical Education in Zamaleak Helwan University

– Faculty of Technical Education, University of Minya – Colleges of Physical Education – Colleges of Standard Education Shaabta (Art and Music Education) – Department of Educational Theatre

– Faculty of Standard Education, University of Mansoura – Shaabta Technical Education

– Faculty (Education in Ismailia, University of Suez, Faculty of Education in Suez)

– Faculty of Ismailia Education (division Music Education) Suez Canal University.


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