Ministry of Planning participates in project activites at Egyptian-Japanese university
Ministry of Planning participates in project activites at Egyptian-Japanese university || image credits: Ministry of Planning

Egypt: The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, under the leadership of Mohammed Alaa, the Supervisor General of the Youth for Development Initiative, has participated in the internal qualifying activities for development projects competitions held at the Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology.

The activities were held in the framework of the follow-up of the Ministry and the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development – the training arm of the Ministry – for internal qualifications in governmental and private universities, especially participating in the initiative for the academic year 2022 – 2023.


On his part, Mohammed Alaa, the supervisor general of the Youth for Development initiative in cooperation with the Deputy Director of the Ministry’s International Cooperation Office, confirmed the importance of the participation of the Japanese Egyptian University of Science and Technology in the second academic year of the initiative 2022- 2023.

Furthermore, Aisha Ghanemi, the first economist and the executive director of the initiative in the Ministry, also emphasized that the activities aimed to circulate the benefit of other universities participating in the initiative by exchanging experiences, technological techniques, and scientific research among governmental, private and private universities.

The projects tend to engage African university students in preparing development projects that integrate with the Egypt 2030 Vision and the Africa Agenda 2063. 

The activities play a huge role in fostering the creation of distinctive creative powers derived from integrating cultures and ideas on the African continent.

“They will prepare actionable projects that work to accelerate the pace of sustainable development goals locally and regionally,” said the supervisor General.

Alaa emphasized that the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (through the Supreme Council of Universities), is committed to supporting the winning teams of the internal university playoffs. They will offer intensive training programs in the coming period to nurture and develop their talent further.


The training programs also enhance the efforts further to develop the capabilities and skills of young universities to enable them to prepare Successful and feasible development projects on the ground with advanced machinery and resources.  

The activities aim to maximize the opportunities of leveraging young people’s ideas in implementing the Egyptian State’s development plans, creating a creative platform for more unique and creative university-level ideas, etc.

Moreover, Amr Adly, President of the Egyptian-Japanese University, praised the role of the Youth for Development Initiative in encouraging youth to innovate and creativity to formulate development projects that achieve the goals of the Egyptian state and sustainable development strategy.

He reported that the University’s 2025 strategy includes working toward sustainable development goals, Egypt’s 2030 vision, and Africa’s 2063 agenda.

On their part, Sameh Nada, Vice President of the University for Academic Affairs and Education, indicated that the University has fully supported Egyptian and non-Egyptian students from African sister countries for research and application activities in sustainable development.

Mona Gamaluddin, the University Initiative Coordinator, has reviewed the topics of development projects submitted by students that fall under the umbrella of sustainable environmental development in clean, green energy and sustainable development.

It was indicated that the University’s goals align with the initiative’s goals in developing young creatives and innovators’ creative and innovative capabilities.

The pre-final qualifiers for the development project track competitions and policy papers for the academic year 2022 – 2023 have been launched under the auspices and supervision of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development.

The competition partnered with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Supreme Council of Universities) in preparation for intensive training for the winning teams. 

The winning teams would also be benefited from their qualification for the final qualifiers stage At the national level and the announcement of the top five winning centres at the university level during August.


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