Buckingham palace’s series of events in the upcoming days

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96 Thursday, the following outlines the programme for the days ahead until her funeral at Westminster Abbey in London.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96 Thursday, the following outlines the programme for the days ahead until her funeral at Westminster Abbey in London.

This historical programme for the aftermath of the death of the Queen, who reigned seventy years and seven months, was meticulously prepared years ago, and this plan, called “London Bridge Collapsed” (London Bridge at Down), was continually revised. To her was added Operation “Unicorn”, which was placed in the event of her death in Scotland.


Only King Charles III can finalize some points, and nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

But this is what is supposed to happen, according to experts and the British media.

Since the Queen died in Balmoral Palace in northern Scotland, her body is supposed to be returned to London.

Friday, September 09, King Charles III and his wife Camilla return to London after spending the night at Balmoral.

King Charles meets new Prime Minister Liz Terrace, who will thus have met two monarchs within four days, and this is a precedent. The Queen received her on Tuesday and asked her to form a new government.

King Charles is expected to complete the final details of the funeral and the period of mourning for the royal family, and the government will confirm the length of national mourning, which will likely be 12 or 13 days. The funeral will be a holiday.


British flags fly at half-mast, bells ring in London, and 96 rounds of artillery are fired in memory of the Queen.

A televised speech by the new King Charles III.

An “improvised” religious ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral in London was attended by the Prime Minister and members of the government.

Saturday, September 10, The Caliphate Council, consisting of eminent personalities, meets in the morning at St James’s Palace in London and announces that Charles has become King.

The announcement will be read from the balcony of St James’s Palace and then carried by private guards in horse-drawn carriages to be read in Trafalgar Square and then at the prestigious Royal Exchange.

Parliament declares its loyalty to the King and expresses its condolences to him.

The new King receives the prime minister and ministers in the afternoon.

Sunday, September 11, The casket of the Queen will be transported to Holyrood House, the official residence of the King in Scotland.

The Devolved Departments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland announced the arrival of the new King.

Monday, September 12, Parade to St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. Religious ceremonies for members of the royal family.

The audience should be able to get a last look at the casket.

The Houses of Parliament in London meet in Westminster Hall for a memorial service for the Queen.

After that, the King is supposed to leave London for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Tuesday, September 13, The casket of the Queen is flown to London and then to Buckingham Palace.

Wednesday, September 14 A procession in central London to transport the casket from Buckingham Palace to Westminster.
The Queen lain in Westminster Hall for four or five days on a pedestal covered with a purple cloth.

The public can visit Hall 23 out of 24 hours a day. Hundreds of thousands are expected to attend.

The royal family is supposed to come to honour the late Queen.

Monday, September 19, the likely date of the state funeral at Westminster Cathedral in London, in the presence of dignitaries who are expected to come from all over the world.

The coffin is supposed to reach the cathedral, followed by the family on foot.

The country will then stand for two minutes of silence.

After the ceremony, the Queen will be buried in a private ceremony at King George VI Chapel in Windsor Castle, an annexe building to the main chapel.

The coffin of her husband, Prince Philip, who died last year, will then be moved to her side.


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