Breaking boundaries: Senior citizens in Baramulla embrace sports at Senior Sports Week
Breaking boundaries: Senior citizens in Baramulla embrace sports at Senior Sports Week (image credits google)

Jammu and Kashmir, India: Sports is not limited to just one age group and not bound by any boundaries as the senior citizens in Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir have been participating in different Sports events as part of the Senior Sports Week organized by the District Youth Services and Sports, Baramulla.

The joy of Sports is available for everyone irrespective of age, gender or preferences, and every person has the right to indulge in sports activities as per their choice, said the authorities from District Youth Services and Sports, Baramulla.


According to recent reports, a range of sports events has been organized in the region, such as football, Tug-of-War held at GD College Baramulla, in which around 45 senior citizens took part against the norms and proved that age is just a number when it comes to playing sports and live life.

On his part, one of the participants named Abdul Rashid, expressed his happiness and delightfulness in being a part of the sports events. In his remarks, he noted that he had never imagined that he could play such sports and represent his football team at this age. He added that he is very happy about this opportunity and stated that it was a wholesome experience for him and his teammates.

He further expressed his thankfulness to the Department of District Youth Services and Sports for providing them with this opportunity to indulge in sports. Furthermore, another participant named Zareena Begum also took it to convey her feelings and stated that she used to play professional basketball when she was young, which she had to give up due to her age.

Moreover, she also mentioned that after taking part in the sports events, she again felt young and alive after so many years. Zareena also extended her gratitude to the Service and Sports department for making this happen.

In addition, the organizer of the event, named Bilal Ahmed, further highlighted that the sporting event was a great example and a reminder that regardless of their age, every person has a right to enjoy sports and benefit from it.

It was further highlighted that the event was organized with the motive of encouraging and motivating senior citizens to take part in sports and focus on their health as well. It was also stated that sports can actually bring joy and health benefits to people irrespective of their age and fitness.




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