PM Roosevelt Skerrit urges Dominica to remain cautious in onging Hurricane season
PM Roosevelt Skerrit urges Dominica to remain cautious in onging Hurricane season || image credits: PM Roosevelt Skerrit

Dominica: As the threat of Tropical Strom Bret has moved away from the Commonwealth of Dominica, Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit has lifted the storm warning and extended his heartfelt thankfulness to his fellow Dominicans for showcasing their courage and standing together in these challenging times.

As per the recent information, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit shared the update with the residents and citizens of Dominica through his official social media handle. He took it to convey his gratefulness for the sheer efforts and hard work put in by the entire nation as a whole in this Hurricane season.


In addition, the updates stated that the Government of Dominica discontinued the Tropical Storm Warning yesterday, June 23, 2023. The warning was lifted after the careful monitoring of the current location of Bret, along with future predictions of its path.

It was stated that Tropical Storm Bret had moved its centre point away from the Dominican region and is expected to pass from a safe distance from Dominica

At the same time, the weather forecast tracking also claimed that there are still some possibilities of gusty winds and heavy rainfall to be occurred in the country due to the hurricane season. Mostly, the gusty winds are expected to be persisted and are experienced mainly in the Southern half of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

 Due to such updates, Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has called the people of Dominica and shared the positive news with them through his official Facebook account. 

He noted that “I wish to thank all who rose to the occasion for any eventuality of the passing of Tropical Storm Bret.” He also added that “I wish to appeal to all citizens and residents to not drop your guards for coming weeks and months to navigate through this 2023 Hurricane season.”

Furthermore, PM Skerrit extended his remarks and outlined the significance of the people’s efforts and safety measures to tackle possible effects caused by the storm. 


He also said, “Let’s be on our guard for this Hurricane season.” Moreover, the government of Dominica has also issued advisories regarding the current situation, which are given below:

– The normal workday resumes on June 23, 2023 (Friday).

– All schools will remain closed.

– CXC examinations were scheduled for June 23, 2023 (Friday), and will proceed.

– A flood watch is in effect for Dominica.

In the end, the government of Dominica advised the nation’s general public to stay alert and ready for the possibility of any adverse situation in the case. 

The people are instructed to keep their precautionary measures up and ready to be executed and encouraged to stand together with each other as the nation navigates through this Hurricane season.


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