PM Roosevelt Skerrit issues safety advisory to Dominicans of impending hurricane season
PM Roosevelt Skerrit issues safety advisory to Dominicans of impending hurricane season || Image credits: PM Roosvelt Skerrit (Facebook)

Roseau, Dominica: The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica – Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, has recently addressed fellow nationals regarding the beginning of the ‘Hurricane season’ in the country during a press conference held on June 1, 2023.

Prime Minister issued a safety advisory in his opening speech while spreading awareness about the upcoming hurricane season. As per the recent information, while addressing the citizens and residents of the Commonwealth of Dominica regarding the upcoming hurricane season, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has mentioned that “The Hurricane Season officially begins today, June 1.” 

Through his message, he extended his remarks by addressing the seriousness of the calamities connected to the changes in weather, which could cause the localities to experience hurricanes. 

In addition, the reports have stated that Prime Minister Skerrit has taken to his official social media handle to reach out to his fellow Dominicans. He uploaded a glimpse and his speech from the recently held press conference where he communicated the essential advisory, including the ways of prevention and safeguarding. 

In this context, the Prime Minister noted in his official Facebook account that “Here is a reminder to stay prepared to safeguard your families and property.” He issued a statement warning the people of Dominica to start preparations in order to adapt safety measures at the ground level. 

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit extended his remarks and noted, “The experts have already predicted a similar Atlantic hurricane season with 12 (twelve) to 17 (seventeen) name storms in 2023.” 

Furthermore, out of the total number of storms, around 5 (five) to 9 (nine) are anticipated to become hurricanes, whereas 4 (four) are expected to become major hurricanes, he added. 

Moreover, during his address, he outlined the serious effects that a major hurricane can cause in the country. Prime Minister stated that it would only take one major hurricane event to cause catastrophic destruction, which could devastate the livelihoods and properties in the country. 

He mentioned that there are experts who have predicted that people could suffer from the tragedy caused by hurricanes on a personal level as well. 

“I wish to take up this opportunity to remind you of early preparations which would strengthen the ability to your responses and tackle the situation if the major storms impact us,” said the Prime Minister, encouraging the people to take up safety guidelines. 

In his remarks, he added that the relevant government departments will take up measures to provide safety to the people over the next few days and throughout the hurricane season.

Prime Minister added that the government’s relevant departments are committed to encouraging you to remain alert to safeguard your family and property by taking necessary steps. 

PM Skerrit stated that the government of Dominica has been demonstrating a commitment to keeping the people safe by increasing the capacity of the shelters and emergency response mechanisms on the community level and introducing new building cores to ensure safer and more resilient infrastructures. 

He stressed that increasing awareness regarding the disaster risk among the population is also an essential initiative taken up by the Dominican Government. 

While concluding his speech, he mentioned that the government of Dominica stands firm in navigating the people through the hurricane season in cooperation with the National Emergency Planet Organization (NEPO). 



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