Egypt: THS student Maya Alaa wins “Excellent Chef” award, follow her inspirational story

The USAID/Egypt organization has shared the life highlights of a technical high school student, Maya Alaa, who recently won an "Excellent Chef." award.

Egypt: THS student Maya Alaa wins
Egypt: THS student Maya Alaa wins "Excellent Chef" award, follow her inspirational story (image credits Facebook)

Middle East, Egypt: The USAID/Egypt organization has shared the life highlights of a technical high school student, Maya Alaa, who recently won an “Excellent Chef.” award. The organization took it to explain her journey and the inspirational efforts that she has been putting in to excel in her life.

As per the updates, the story of Maya Alaa was shared through the official social media handle of USAID/Egypt, an organization based in the United States working to promote health and education in Egypt.


In addition, the officials mentioned that “Today we would like to highlight the story of Maya Alaa, a technical high school student at the Ras El Barr School of Hotels and Tourism Affairs in Damietta, who received the “Excellence Chef” award in two local cooking competitions! Maya plans to start her own business by attending the AEDA-supported entrepreneurship sessions at her school.”

Furthermore, Maya talks about the benefit of participating in entrepreneurship sessions supported by AIDA. “I suffered from low self-esteem and anxiety, which made me doubt my abilities and what I could offer.” I learned that I enjoy cooking. “When I attended entrepreneurship sessions in school, I regained my confidence and found that I could start my own business.”

USAID/Egypt further pointed out that thanks to gaining self-confidence, Maya participated in two local cooking competitions. “My mentor encouraged me to participate in two competitions, Damietta and Mandi tasting festival (traditional meat/chicken dish) in Cairo. Despite needing more money, I have joined both competitions. I was very proud to have won the “Excellence Chef” title in both competitions,” said Maya.

On her part, Maya furthermore explained, “I’ve proven to myself and others that believing in yourself and your talents is essential to creating your path, and this goes to my school’s entrepreneurship programme facilitator and teacher.”

Additionally, Maya is already planning to register for the national “Innovative Technician” competition, organized by the Egypt Manpower Project and funded by the American Agency, and will introduce new healthy food recipes.

Maya also plans to fulfil her dream of opening an online store for “Western Sweets” to become financially independent and create her career path. “I learned how to profit from my business and be patient and confident. It’s okay to fail at first.” That is very well said, Maya ! USAID wishes you all the best in your future endeavours, said USAID/Egypt.



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