Egypt to host 3 World Aquatics Championship, says SM Ashraf Sobhy
Egypt to host 3 World Aquatics Championship, says SM Ashraf Sobhy (image credits Facebook)

Egypt: The Minister of Youth and Sports, Ashraf Sobhy, has announced that the nation is set to host three world Aquatics championships in different water sports this year at Soma Bay Hurghada from May 8 to May 30, 2023. The minister stated that all sports associations would receive complete support and assistance from the state during the competitions.

According to the updates, the announcement was made during a recent press conference addressed by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Ashraf Sobhy. 


He announced that the three water world championships would include the Water Ballet World Cup, the Open Water Swimming World Cup, and beach water polo qualifiers taking place for the first time in Egypt, with the participation of 300 competitors from all over the world.

On his part, Minister Sobhy further cited that all sports associations, including the Swimming Federation, will be closely monitored and assisted due to the importance of tournaments and competitions that are poorly organized in terms of sporting competition or entertainment for events and sports tourism.

In addition, he further praised the strong relationship linking the International Union with its Egyptian counterpart and his keenness for continued cooperation in establishing international tournaments for Egypt.

The ties further signify that Egypt has an extensive infrastructure that allows it to organize any event, whatever its size, as well as the human capabilities and capabilities that enable us to organize tournaments on the best of what there is.

Minister Sobhy pointed out that the goal of holding the tournament in Hurghada increases the chances of revitalizing tourism. On the other hand, Captain Tayar Hussein Al-Muslim, the president of the International Water Games Federation, emphasized his confidence in the ability of the Egyptian Swimming Federation to organize a tournament worthy of Egypt, especially since it is the first edition of the World Beach Water Polo Championship.

He added that the International Swimming Federation witnessed good relations with its Egyptian counterpart headed by Engineer Yasser Idris and confirmed that he is confident in the championship’s success because Egypt has great positions.


In his speech, Yasser Idris, the president of the Egyptian Swimming Federation and vice president of the Olympic Committee, assured his happiness with the opportunity granted by Captain Tayar Hussein Al-Muslim, the president of the International Water Games Federation, organizing Egypt for three world championships.

Idris said the Egyptian Swimming Federation is experiencing unprecedented successes thanks to the tremendous support of the state and Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports.

“Idris continued to hold us in the Swimming Federation on the opportunity and honour of the organization because we are confident of the organization’s success technically and administratively, and the world will witness the success, especially that we follow a thoughtful strategy,” said Minister, Sobhy.

Idris added that eight countries had announced their participation so far, which is a very large number. I expect it to reach eight countries by the end of April 30 before closing the door for applications to participate in the tournament.

On his part, Ibrahim Al-Masiri, CEO of Abu Soma Bay Tourism Development Company, thanked both the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the International Swimming Federation and the Egyptian Swimming Federation for their efforts to come out with the championship in a format that befits Egypt’s name.

He cited that “Sports tourism has become one of the most important attractions for many countries, and therefore we at Soma Bay are proud to be part of the contributors to this series of global events that we hope to make a big breakthrough and show Egypt with honour to draw the world’s attention to its ability to organize such events at the highest level.”


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