Egypt: Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa receives ambassadors from Hungry and Burundi
Egypt: Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa receives ambassadors from Hungry and Burundi (image credits: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities)

Cairo, Egypt: Minister of Tourism and Archaeology, Mr Ahmed Issa, has received Ambassador András Imre KOVAKSH in his office at the ministry’s headquarters in Zamalek, andrás Imre kovaksh, Ambassador of Hungary and Burundi in Cairo. The meeting was held to explore ways to enhance tourism and archaeological cooperation between Egypt and Hungary.

At the outset of the meeting, the ambassador was welcomed by Minister Ahmed Issa and reaffirmed the special and close relations between the two countries, which are witnessing fruitful cooperation in many spheres, especially tourism and archaeology.


During the meeting, indicators of tourist movement coming from Hungary to Egypt were reviewed during the past period, and enhancing the facets of cooperation to attract more tourist movement was discussed.

Egypt: Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa receives ambassadors from Hungry and Burundi

The meeting further discussed the works of the excavations carried out by the three Hungarian archaeological missions operating in Egypt, and cooperation was also sought in the file for the recovery of artefacts illegally exited the country, as well as the possibility of collaboration in the field of training, excavation, and museum work was also emphasized.

“The possibility of organizing an exhibition in Egypt was also researched on the works of galactic archaeologist Max Herz, who lived in Egypt between the 19th and 20th centuries, highlighting his work in the field of archaeological work,” said the Minister of Tourism and Archaeologists.

The ambassador also invited the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Hungary to visit the state of Hungary and participate in organizing the Tourism Business Forum, which many tourism and travel agents will attend.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that in 2015 a memorandum of understanding was signed between the two countries in the field of tourism, and the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology participated in the HUNGEXPO International Tourist Exhibition in its 45th session. It will be held in the Hungarian capital Budapest in March 2022, in which Egypt participated as a guest of honour in a Pharaonic-style suite.

As Egypt hosted the annual Hungarian Tourism Companies Association MUISZ conference last December, the ministry, a representative of the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Activity, participated in the workshop organized on the sidelines of the conference.


In a connected context, today, Mr Ahmed Issa received Sheikh Malashi Rashid Nabrajera, Ambassador of the State of Burundi in Cairo and his accompanying delegation to research enhancing cooperation between Egypt and Burundi in tourism.

At the onset of the meeting, Sheikh Malashi Rashid Nabrajera and his accompanying delegation were welcomed, emphasizing the strong and distinctive bilateral relations between the two countries, which reflected in many areas, including tourism.

During the meeting, the activation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two countries in the field of tourism in 2021, as well as taking advantage of the Egyptian tourism experience to develop some tourist destinations in Burundi. 

In addition, the readiness of the Egyptian side was affirmed to provide the necessary experiences to enhance the tourism capacity of Burundi and develop the places Tourism is in it.

The meeting also discussed ways of cooperation to promote the tourist destination in Burundi and research the possibility of organizing training sessions in restoration, archaeological excavations, and management of archaeological sites. On their part, Sheikh Malashi Rashid Nabrajera also invited the Minister to visit the state of Burundi.

These meetings come within the framework of the meetings held by the Minister with ambassadors of different countries to support the tourism and archaeological cooperation between these countries and Egypt and to attract more tourism movement from them to the Egyptian tourist destination.

Counsellor Amr Abdullah, the General Supervisor of the General Administration for International Relations and Agreements at the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology, attended the meetings.


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