Egypt: TM Ahmed Issa reviews staff's response on simulation experiment
Egypt: TM Ahmed Issa reviews staff's response on simulation experiment (image credits Facebook)

Egypt: The Minister of Tourism and Archaeology, Dr Ahmed Issa, recently met with the group of staff participating in the experiment on the second day of the work simulation held at the Ministry’s headquarters. The simulation focused on preparing the team to transition smoothly to the new ministry building at the new administrative Capital.

As per the updates, Minister Ahmed Issa was briefed regarding the results of the simulations and work experience to understand the right approach to the transition. 


He was also informed about the first impressions, to monitor any notes and recommendations to provide comfort, humiliate any obstacles or challenges, and ensure a smooth and efficient transition implementation.

“In the framework of the ongoing preparations for the complete transition of employees in different ministries to work in the new administrative capital, the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology organized two days simulation experience for a number of its employees and its affiliates from the headquarters of the ministry in the capital,” said the officials.

In addition, the simulation aimed at making employees live the transition process with its different elements to explore the nature and reality of Practical work from within headquarters. 

The employees were taught about the transportation system contributes to ensuring the system is running smoothly and meet any challenges or obstacles you may encounter in preparation for the official move.

Meanwhile, Minister Issa welcomed the attendance in advance, congratulating them on the approaching Eid al-Fitr and Easter and listening to their impressions and suggestions on developing the workflow in the transition. 

He further cited the importance of passing on their experience during this simulation to their colleagues and the positive and significant change in the style and mechanisms they have witnessed in the coming period.


Mr Ahmed Issa indicated that the Ministry is keen to provide all means of support to facilitate and achieve the transition process at the highest efficiency levels. His sovereignty appealed to all the ministry leaders to hold meetings and communications regularly with the mobile staff.

He added that the Egyptian state has made a great effort to establish the administrative Capital and the government district to improve the efficiency and productivity of the country’s organizational system. 

It was also said that the state had also been working on developing the capabilities and skills of mobile employees to utilize the abilities and provide an opportunity for creativity and innovation, emphasizing that the transition and working together in one place will contribute to the exchange of ideas Which is the beginning of invention.

Ahmed Issa, Tourism Minister, also emphasized that having all the staff in the Ministry in one building as one team will significantly impact communication among themselves better, more accessible and positively contribute to productivity and workflow. 

“The transition to the capital city is a transfer of a new idea and system in shape and meaning and not just a transfer to a new headquarters,” he added.

Ghada Shalabi, Deputy Minister for Tourism Affairs, pointed out that this simulation came in light of the Minister’s directives as an excellent opportunity for the employees to live with their working machines before their complete transition. 

He stated that it was a perfect opportunity to meet employees either with the Minister or with the committee members responsible for the transfer to the Capital to learn their observations and suggestions to develop the system of work.

During the meeting, some questions and queries of the staff and employees were answered regarding many matters related to the transition process, working mechanisms and the digital transformation system of the Ministry. 

Many expressed their good impressions and optimism about the next stage and what will be seen, especially in the facilities and facilities in the ministry building with the Capital and the advanced working methods available.

There are set to be several more days of simulation over the coming period to ensure practical drafting of the working system is complete before the official move.

Notably, the cabinet meeting held yesterday in the new administrative Capital included a review of a number of the government’s transfer arrangements to the new administrative Capital. Dr Motafa Madbouly, the state of Prime Minister, emphasized the government’s keenness to solve any challenge facing employees for regularization of working in the new Administrative Capital.


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