Egypt: Health Minister Khaled Ghaffar reviews
Egypt: Health Minister Khaled Ghaffar reviews "100 Days of Health" campaign report  || image credits: Ministry of Health, Egypt

Egypt: The Minister of Health and Population, Dr Khaled Abdul Ghaffar, has received a detailed report on the services of the presidential health initiatives regarding the “100 Days of Health” campaign introduced for citizens to deliver free health checkups in all governorates of the Republic.

Health Minister stated that the introduced campaign “100 Days of Health” campaign offers more than 50 thousand free medical services to citizens within presidential initiatives in all governorates of the country. 


Dr Hossam Abdul Ghaffar, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Health and Population, clarified that according to the report, the «100 Days of Health» campaign provided services initiated by President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi to citizens yesterday. 

Egypt: Health Minister Khaled Ghaffar reviews “100 Days of Health” campaign report

The Ministry of Health has delivered 50 thousand and 582 medical services to the general public, and the mafia was the highest governorate in total services provided, with 7 thousand and 740 medical services.

Abdul Ghaffar added that the campaign provided the services of the President’s initiative to support women’s health to 5409 women’s “first visit”, of which 18 thousand and 460 women’s health services were received from the initiative. The Munafiya governorate was the top location where the benefits were delivered, including 3659 services. 

Egypt: Health Minister Khaled Ghaffar reviews “100 Days of Health” campaign report

Followed by the Governorate of Dahliya with 3182 medical services, of which the campaign provided the President’s Initiative services for early detection and treatment of vulnerability Hearing loss of newborns had 3986 medical services, and El-Hagera was the highest governorate with 395 medical services, followed by the Governorate of Giza with 381 medical services.

He extended his remarks and noted that “The “100 Days of Health” campaign provided 15 thousand and 585 medical services, within the initiative of the President for early detection and treatment of chronic diseases and kidney diseases.”

He further indicated that the campaign provided 770 services within the Presidential Initiative for Maternal and Fetal Health. It was added that the campaign provided 1888 medical services to extract the certificates of the President’s Initiative for the examination of prospects for marriage as well.


The campaign also helped in the examination of cancerous tumours (prostate – colon – lung – cervix), filling 4484 thousand survey forms, and Al-Qaloubiya was the top governorate with 2364 forms, followed by Al-Behera Governorate with 1090 forms.

The Minister of Health renewed his invitation to all citizens to go to the headquarters providing campaign services and the locations of the mobile clinics to benefit from its free medical services or to request home visits for patients from the elderly and unable to move via the hotline number 15335. 


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