Israel: Innovation Authority hosts 'Safe at Home' digital hackathon to combat domestic violence
Israel: Innovation Authority hosts 'Safe at Home' digital hackathon to combat domestic violence (image credits: innvation authority israel)

Israel, Jerusalem: The Innovation Authority of Israel has recently organized the Michal Sala Hackathon under the theme of ‘Safe at Home’ to bring innovative startup ideas to prevent and fight domestic violence. 

46 teams participated in the brainstorming sessions at the offices of the Innovation Authority for around 32 hours in search of high-tech startup ideas and listed some in the end.


According to the reports, the innovation authority aims at preventing incidents of domestic violence, murders and security issues with the help of innovative high-tech measures such as digitalization and applications.

In addition, the officials further conveyed that out of all seven teams selected, they qualified for the finals of the hackathon that will take place at the President’s house. Each of them with an amazing idea that aims to eradicate cases of domestic violence by innovative means. The seven winning teams in the semi-finals are listed below:

1. Swipe2Safty

An app intended for women who are in a violent relationship, whether they know it or not, using a simple and familiar webbie interface Swipe2Safety, presents a woman with content that will spread awareness about the nature of the context and the right ways of actions to prevent extreme situations.  (For more information)

2. Me Roar (mirror)


An app designed to identify violent patterns of behaviour in context, transparency and support. Using real-time data collected from the user’s phone device. The user will define a contact, and the app will collect data from calls and texts, analyze them and reflect on the woman the situation in the chat.

This is a sensitive application and looks like a photography filters application when, in fact, only through identification of the user’s face can you enter it.  (For more information)

3. Whispers

A community network of contacts for the Arab sector is implemented through anonymous chat on Telegram, which has been a popular social network in the Arab sector; in the chat, the woman can receive professional support according to her situation and needs or alternatively consult a friend and family member.  (For more information)

4. Ctrl SAVE

Computer learning will be integrated into school studies and aims to locate students experiencing domestic violence.   (For more information)

5. Chain of Salvation

A chain and in it are embedded in a tiny microphone and a tiny video camera that transmits the information in a Bluetooth installation and then to a secure cloud to collect evidence of violence in relationships. (For more information)

6. Eve

A smart bracelet that knows how to measure body metrics indicating that there is a fear that the wearer is experiencing violence and knows how to alert it to a third factor, document and pay attention to different patterns of violence and warn of probability and future fear.

The bracelet answers many cases – for example, parents of young children who want to know that they don’t experience violence in kindergarten/school. 

A divorced parent who fears the other parent is acting violently towards the children when they are with him. A woman who is afraid of a violent man and more. In addition, the bracelet measures and monitors stress and can help any person cope with stressful situations.  (For more information)

7. Time out

An effective and available application for preventing rage outbursts intended for violent men in treatment and for the general public. (For more information)

Additionally, it was reported that around 14 women had been murdered in Israel since the beginning of the year due to domestic violence. Every woman is a complete world. With dreams, a lifetime, family and friends who loved her and thought of her every day. When above all, the question floats: whether and how the great disaster could have been prevented.

“We at the Innovation Authority are very proud to take part in this event and hope that the innovation will be able to bring positive change in hard data,” said the authority.


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