Egyptian Fashion Week takes center stage at Museum of Liberation
Egyptian Fashion Week takes center stage at Museum of Liberation (image credits Facebook)

The Egyptian Museum of Liberation witnessed the launch of the first edition of the Egyptian Fashion Week, under the slogan “Past, Present and Future”, in Tahrir under the auspices of the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Activation on Friday, May 12, 2023.

As per the reports, the event was held in coordination and partnership with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reform, the African Bank for Export Development, the American Embassy in Egypt, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Egypt, and a number of local and international fashion industry icons.


The ceremony saw the presence of a number of foreign ambassadors in Cairo, Egyptian and foreign ministers and businessmen, representatives of more than 12 countries as well as a number of bloggers and influencers on international social media and Arab fashion specialists, and a group of lecturers and lecturers interested in the world of fashion.

Egyptian Fashion Week takes center stage at Museum of Liberation

For his part, Mr Amr Al-Qadhi, the Executive Chairman of the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Activation, emphasized that the Authority is keen to sponsor such events and events that highlight the Egyptian tourism product that blends ancient and modern civilization.

He also signalled the steps taken by the Ministry towards promoting fashion show tourism, especially in Egypt, which has seen trends in fashion show tourism and linking it to ancient Egyptian civilization. He added that the event is an opportunity to showcase fashion and fashion inspired by Egyptian culture, its rich heritage and ancient civilization through Egypt’s creativity and craftsmanship.

It was also said that this event was chosen to be held at the Egyptian Museum in Liberation, which is a symbol of the Egyptian civilization and a witness to its greatness and irresponsibility, and one of the features of the Ministry’s media strategy to promote the Egyptian tourist destination, continuous work and constant movement in all important and promising tourist destinations, especially museums and archaeological sites.

The events included a fashion show of Egypt’s prominent and best designers under the supervision of American designer Julie Matos, and the event will also be broadcast on the digital platforms of a company specialized in transferring the events of Egyptian Fashion Week to all Online e-platforms on the web to reach more than 400 media platforms worldwide.

It was further outlined that the influential and important role of those digital platforms that have a high viewership rate in advertising and promoting the Egyptian tourist destination and its diverse tourist products and its plentiful tourist and archaeological sites.


She added that Fashion Week is set to complete its activities in the following days at the Agricultural Museum, The Runway Shop and the Mall of Arabia, including the holding of a variety of shows, fashion exhibitions, accessories and jewellery for a number of Egyptian designers.

“The exhibitions of local and international fashion schools, and exhibitions for designers from Saudi Fashion Authority, Lagos Fashion Week, Jordan Fashion Week, and designers from Morocco and Tunisia were also featured,” she added.

In the end, the Fashion Week also included the holding of a number of discussion sessions for local, regional and international fashion industry leaders in the fields of design, education, handicrafts, production and sustainability.


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